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New Windows: The 3 Step Process

Replacing your windows can both save you money and enhance your home when done right. spoke to Clera Windows & Doors about what you need to know to get started.

“Replacement windows should be custom made to fit the openings in your home. If you put in the wrong size it will be you and your energy bill that will feel the brunt of it,” says Clera. It’s important to get the correct measurements and you should hire a professional to measure and install your new windows. “Educating yourself about windows will help you find the right contractor and window solution.”

Step 1 – Examine the window

When you are looking at the window make sure you can identify its parts.

The head is the horizontal part of the window frame at the top.

The jambs are the vertical frames of the window that connect with the head and sill to complete the frame, which forms the outer housing.

The sash outlines the glass and it is the operating part of the window (not including the frame). It’s the part you hold if you want to slide or swing it open.

The sill is the bottom portion of the window frame, attached to the jambs and head. It’s horizontal and prevents water from touching your outer walls when it rains.


Step 2 – Determine the type of work needed

If you have broken glass, seal failure or a sash that isn’t functioning, you may choose a retrofit (where installation is performed by keeping the old frame). This type of installation is preferred when your frames are in perfect condition and you want to reduce cost. Take a measurement from the inside of the jambs and from the bottom of the head to the top of the sill.

If you’re remodelling your home or the window frame is damaged or rotted, you will need a new window. This is a larger installation and you will need to take the interior trim off to measure the width and height of the old window.


Step 3 – Take measurements

The most important measurements for windows are width and height. Depth is also important, but best left to the professionals to determine. For quotation purposes, know if you’d like a retrofit or full frame removal type of installation and the width and height of each windows. Then you’ll know that you’re being quoted for the proper size and type of window making your window shopping that much easier!

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