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Organization – Tune up your garage

Garages are slowly being converted from their intended purpose of protecting vehicles from the elements to storage rooms for various odds and ends that don’t have a proper place in your home. Here’s how you can reclaim your garage, get it organized and leave enough room for your car to avoid scraping ice and snow off of it during the winter season.

Sort and Purge

Your garage is probably filled with items that hardly get used. It’s time to clean it out using the three-box method: one box for items to keep, one for items to toss, and lastly, one for items to donate. A good rule of thumb to follow is items that haven’t been used for the past two years should be either tossed or donated depending on their condition. Ensure that you properly dispose of any hazardous chemicals or old paint and oil cans.

Visibility and Accessibility

Installing wire-frame shelving helps prevent dust build-up and allows for easy visibility of all stored items. If you need to store items in boxes, opt for clear containers and label boxes clearly to correspond with its contents. This will make it easier for you to locate what you need. Equipment or items that are used frequently should be placed on lower shelves for quicker access.

Storage space can be limited, so make good use of every possible space. Consider storing items behind doors, beneath a work bench, or hang items vertically on an empty wall.

Organize and Designate

Organize your items by season. Rotate between storing the equipment that needs to be used on a regular basis on lower shelves, while storing items used less frequently on higher shelves that don’t need immediate access. When possible, keep items stored on shelves to allow more free space in your garage to park your car. For small tools and gardening equipment, buy multi-purpose hooks to keep them off the ground and organized on the wall.

If you’re in a hurry, do you tend to simply toss items on a shelf or on the floor with the intention of putting them back? Later arrives and you have a mess of tools, bringing you back to square one again. To maintain the organization, ensure you return items in their rightful place after every use. This will keep your garage clean and help your family locate the items when they need them.

With a few simple tricks, you’ll have your garage tidy and organized in no time and will be able to use your garage for its original purpose – storing your car.

Not interested in tackling such a big DIY project? We can help you find a garage organizing specialist who can help transform your garage.

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