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Ozone Duct Cleaning

Who is Todd Smith of Ozone Duct Cleaning?

Even I was skeptical of duct cleaning, figured there was no need, that the airflow and furnace filter kept everything clean.  That was my thought over 11 years ago, before I got into this industry.  When I did my first job, I realized that duct cleaning is something that has to be a priority on every homeowners list.

When I started Ozone Duct Cleaning I made it our mission to try and prove to each person out there that duct cleaning is an issue that really should be addressed.

The indoor air quality (IAQ) in an average home is over 10 times worse than that of the air outside.  That being said, allergies, breathing problems, and heating/cooling costs are all on the rise, that coupled with how much more time the average household is actually indoors nowadays, proves that IAQ is rapidly becoming a real concern.

What is Ozone Duct Cleaning?

When I created Ozone Duct Cleaning I decided to focus on issues that I, as a consumer, would be looking for in a service provider.  Being polite, courteous, knowledgeable, and practicing common sense are just a few of the things that some companies sometimes seem to overlook when trying to achieve customer satisfaction these days.

So those attributes (as well as many others), along with the best possible cleaning process, are what we focus on at Ozone.  Having each and every client happy and impressed with our service is what makes running our business worthwhile.  Having customers call us after a completion stating that their child’s allergy symptoms are “much more under control,” airflow and efficiency of the air handling unit is so much better, or just the fact that they need to dust their home less frequently, are just some of the feedback scenarios that we come across that makes me realize that we are making a positive impact on people’s lives, and that is a great feeling.

We at Ozone focus on doing an extremely thorough job, and doing it right the first time.  We have had many clients in the past who were skeptics (like me), some thinking that it doesn’t need to be done, others who have had a bad experience with another duct cleaning company.  But because of a strong referral from a friend or family member that has used Ozone, they decided to give us a try.  We have yet to disappoint.  Most homeowners go as far as to say that we have turned them into “strong believers of the importance and benefit of duct cleaning.”

“I was very skeptical about getting my ducts cleaned, but after speaking with someone that had hired Todd, I decided to give it a try. The biggest surprise I got out of the work was my dryer vent. I barely use it, so I could not believe the amount of dust and dirt that came out of it when Todd cleaned it! After all the work was done my home smelled so nice and I haven’t had to dust once since the work was done! (2.5 weeks since duct cleaning).”
-Joanne Perrier

Ozone focuses on air duct cleaning services only, (services include: HVAC duct cleaning, central vacuum cleaning, dryer vent cleaning, and bathroom fan exhaust cleaning) this allows us to gain a great deal of experience and expertise in our work, resulting in a knowledgeable, thorough, proper service experience for our customers.

When do you need to get your ducts cleaned?

There are several reasons or tell tale signs that would indicate that you need to have your ducts cleaned:
·         Recent renovations of any kind that would create dust in the home, resulting in dust and debris in the system.
·         If you have pets and/or many people in the space, both producing dander, hair and dust.
·         How often you have to change/clean your furnace filter, or how often you have to dust the surfaces in your home would be another indications of dirt in the system.
·         Are there any family members in the home with allergies/breathing problems? Inefficiency in the heating and cooling of the home may be another sign indicating dirty obstructed ducting.

All of these issues, and more, could be alleviated by having your duct system cleaned.

Here is a test to try at home.  Remove the cold air return grill (the cold air return is the big grill held on with screws usually located on the lower part of the wall, or in some cases, the big grill on the floor) in the most frequently used room on your main floor, such as the Family, dining, living or rec room, and take a look down inside. Because the cold air return is drawing in as a result of the negative side of the furnace fan (it is kind of like the furnace is “breathing in”) it sucks in all of the dirt and dust within an average home.  If this cold air return section is dirty, then it’s a good indication that the system should be cleaned.

Quick Tip:

One of the things that homeowners sometimes forget is to make sure to replace (disposable) or clean (washable) their furnace filter every three to six months, this will help in the proper maintenance and efficiency of their air handling unit.

Have you ever hired Ozone Duct Cleaning? Tell us about your experience here!

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