Park Your Stuff: Wall and Ceiling Solutions to Your Garage Space Crunch

Isn’t it time you reclaimed your garage?

Whether you’ve got multiple bays or a single-car setup, the garage can be a greatly overlooked place for space in the average home. Sure the SUV eats up a lot of square footage, but don’t short shrift your storage possibilities when it comes to the room with the automatic door.

Let’s take a look at some innovative ways to transform your garage walls, even the ceiling overhead, into a highly functional and space-increasing resource for your house.

Hardware and Materials Center:

Maybe the most common use of garage space (aside from parking your car) is for the tool set-up. The days of tacking up a wooden pegboard and making the best of it with a rickety workbench are over. You can now approach what you’ve got with an eye toward clean lines, attractive surfaces, and superior levels of organization.

From the Store:

It can be as simple as stopping in at a large department store like Home Depot and seeing what their different storage solutions have to offer — these units with back-wall mounted cabinetry and steel boards would certainly transform your space.

Garage storage cabinets
Source: Home Depot Canada


Let’s say you’re a contractor with some home storage needs. Stacking storm windows, even drywall and particleboard for those upcoming projects, against a wall is both bad for the floor-end of the material and cumbersome when it comes to digging the one item you need back out of the 15-deep lean-to you’ve created. With some casters and some hinges, in one weekend afternoon you’ll have a movable set of vertical storage racks in the garage.

plywood storage rack
Source: Family Handyman

Gardening Supplies:

Another frequent offender in the stacks-of-things-to-dig-through department is that pile of rakes, shovels, hoes, and other gardening implements. Check out these efficient and elegant alternatives to that annoying tee-pee of wooden handles.

From the Store:

TidyGarage of Ontario offers this SureLock tool organizing system. From spring-lock snap-ins to gravity-cradling models, the wall becomes an array of easy-to-get-to instruments.

Tool organizer
Source: Tidy Garage


Of course, there’s the old standby of some wood anchoring — a two-by-four secured horizontally to the wall should do the trick — and nails spaced in pairs that are about three inches apart for hammer-type handles and about an inch-and-a-half for narrower rake-type ends. You can keep trowels, three-pronged hand rakes, and other smaller instruments in a basket (or even a coffee can) secured to your anchor by a single screw or nail.

Overhead Storage:

And then, finally, maybe it’s time to get off the wall. GarageBoyz, of British Columbia, for example, offers a variety of industrial-strength steel frame mesh-style ceiling decks. These can hold bins two- to three-units high depending on how much overhead space you’ve got.

Overhead garage storage
Source: GarageBoyz

Now that the juices are flowing, tell us what your ideas are for better organizing that carport. Have a sleek and space-saving design? Send a note to us at our Facebook page and share it with your fellow EiEi Home readers!

By James O’Brien