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Peace of Mind with a Secure Home

It used to be that we left our doors unlocked. Kids didn’t have to carry a key to school. If we did lock our doors, we left a spare key “hidden” under the mat. Regrettably, times are different now. Securing a home has become a priority for most homeowners.

Whether it’s a house, apartment, or even a cottage – we all want to protect what is ours. But what is the best way to do that? EiEiHome spoke to Sharon at Affordable Lock Services Inc., who gave us a few suggestions for things to keep in mind when it comes to security.

Locks and keys

Homeowners should have a deadbolt on all exteriors doors. If the locks have not been changed since you moved in, you may want to think about getting the locks rekeyed, as the previous owners may still have access.

Door viewers

Make sure you can see who is at your door before you open it. Door viewers or installation of peepholes can help you to identify visitors.

Patio doors

Check to see if these doors slide or swing open. Make sure that if they slide, they can’t be easily “popped” out of the track.


Timers are great to ensure that lights are on or off when you choose, whether you are home or not. If your home  is dark and vacant looking when you are away, you could be putting your home at risk.

New security products

There are always new security products being introduced to the market, such as a new digital door viewer that can actually take a picture of the person outside your door, as soon as they ring the bell, regardless if you are home or not. And if you are home, you can view your entranceways with a 3.5” LCD screen inside.
The makers of “The Club” for your car now make “The Door Club” for your home. It re-enforces your door from the inside against kick-ins.


Affordable Lock Services Inc. has been rekeying and replacing locks since 1984. Sharon told us that some of their customers take their own locks off the doors and bring the locks to their store to have them rekeyed and save the cost of a service call.


Others prefer to have a locksmith come directly to their home to assess the quality and style of the locks. The homeowner can then decide to rekey or replace the lock to ensure a secure home.

Editor, Marika Asikainen

For changing of locks or upgrades to your security system be sure to visit

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