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Perfect Renovations Group: one-stop shop for renovating

Home renovations are a fun, but challenging experience: lining up contractors for specific jobs, sorting through materials. Perfect Renovations Group makes home renovations easy with a large umbrella of services – painting, handyman and full renovations – and a team dedicated to providing quality work.

Christine Delongte is Vice-President of Operations, managing the day-to-day operations and a team of 80 people. She tells us about how this business began and what the future has in store for it.

Humble Beginnings

Christine’s successful and fast-growing business doesn’t stem from former home renovation and construction experience. Rather, her strong retain background propelled her into a new business venture.

Christine explored the idea of a new business by playing with online marketing and finding highly skilled tradesman who could deliver not just a good painting service, but a great one.

“The mythology was to determine what an actual, professional painter could accomplish. We found a great price point for people,” she says. “We called it ‘Painter of the Day.'”

Christine’s beginning business model was to provide homeowners with a price over the phone and an estimate of how long it would take. The intention was to provide homeowners with a staff member who would attend a house call and complete a paint project within one business day.


“Most contractors don’t want to touch small jobs because it isn’t worth it,” she says. “We did a lot of online sales, with three to four people working before even having any kind of sales representation.”

Christine found a way to create a business without a site visit. And it worked. She was able to deliver great work at a great price.

Paint work completed by Perfect Renovations Group's painting division.

Paint work completed by Perfect Renovations Group’s painting division.

Perfect Renovations Group now operates within three different home renovation divisions: painting (they’re sticking to their roots), handyman services and a full-service home renovations division.

“We currently have 22 full-time painters on staff,” she says, as well as 7 handymen and at least 30 tradesman in the home renovation sector.

“I think we probably have one of the fastest growing – if not the fastest – full-service, painting and renovation company,” she says.

She may be right about that since the company grew from 0 to 80 people in such a short period of time.

Christine has a few theories as to why the business took off so fast.

“We do pride ourselves on making any renovation experience right,” she says, adding the company is able to take on big projects like concrete underpinning and home additions, and jobs that are as little as three to four hours. “We really, truly go from small to large and even in some cases, new construction.”

Not only that, but the organization prides itself on its reputation, which is key in such an industry, she says.

“Our team goes through a very extensive training process,” says Christine. “We test our trades people in house and in the interview process [and explain] what we expect.”

Often times in the home renovation process, tradesman and contractors will be working in a house and don’t take proper care of their surroundings. Christine’s team is trained to treat homes as if it was their own.

“Our trades people respect people’s homes and put proper protection on their floors,” she says. “We’re about making sure we do the work right with a press on quality first over speed. Do it right the first time.”

PRG boasts quite an extensive portfolio under its umbrella of services.

PRG boasts quite an extensive portfolio under its umbrella of services.

The company does it all and that’s a good thing: your one stop shop!

Although Perfect Renovations Group specializes in a wide range of home improvement and renovation projects, clients will never find an inexperienced tradesman doing plumbing when they should stick to painting.

“We have some multi-faceted people who are very experienced at painting and mild renovations,” she says, but her tradesmen stick to what they are good at. “You need to have the right skill set to do the job.”

That’s why Perfect Renovations Group hires a multitude of people whose skills range across the board.

“We really have the skill to do everything right,” she says.


Make no mistake – PRG can handle projects of any size!

They offer a real warranty and meet customer needs

It’s a scenario that happens too many times: a homeowner will call a company with a warranty issue and not get a call back or are told the warranty is invalid.

That will not happen with Perfect Renovations Group.

“We pride ourselves on having a great service, a real warranty,” says Christine. “When people do call, they don’t get an argument. We’ll come out and actually service them.”

Perfect Renovations Group utilizes technology by using a call center in the office to provide quality service to clients and ensure service is handled accordingly.

“We have a full-service customer relationship management (CRM) system that automates the business and keeps customer information on file.”

They’re licensed and insured

Christine says it’s rare for companies in the home renovation industry to comply with Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) procedures or to have insurance.

“I can’t tell you how many people we interview that don’t have WSIB. It’s still a huge problem.”

If a painter is working in a home and falls off a ladder while on the job, personal insurance won’t cover them, she explains.

“99% of the time, there is no coverage in place. Personal insurance won’t cover them.”

Christine ensures her employees are registered with WSIB and the business itself has liability insurance to protect all parties involved.


What the future has in store for PRG

Perfect Renovations Group’s services aren’t solely sought out by homeowners. Christine says contractors will use her company’s services because they don’t have the manpower to complete a wide range of projects.

And there’s no slowing down!

Perfect Renovations Group has signed a deal with The Home Depot, which will enable them to provide both commercial and home services through the home hardware store. That means we’ll be hearing – and seeing! – a lot more from PRG in the near future.


Ready to perfect your home with Perfect Renovations Group? Take a look at Affinity Renovations to see the company’s portfolio of home renovations, Perfect Painters for their painting portfolio and Perfect Handyman for more information.

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