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Pest Control | Squirrels in My Attic, Raccoons in My Garbage

Wildlife is a wonderful thing. There’s nothing quite like catching a glimpse of some of the area’s wildlife in their natural environment. However, when that wildlife decides it’s time to wreak havoc in your home, things are a bit different. Squirrels have a habit of building their homes in accessible attics, and raccoons are notorious for their curiosity and ingenuity in getting open even tightly sealed garbage cans. What are your options when it seems like the local wildlife is intent on making your life miserable? Actually, there are several options.

Extermination Options

Exterminators handle many things, from roaches to ants to termites. However, they can also handle animal pests if required. Still, not all pest control companies are created equal here. Some companies will use poison to control the animal pests that are invading your home or causing problems around it. While poison certainly does work, it is not the ideal solution.

If you choose a company that poisons animal pests, then you will certainly have to worry about what happens after the animal dies. For instance, squirrels in your attic might eat the poison and die, but you might be unable to find them afterward. This can lead to some serious problems as the body decomposes.

Another issue here is the fact that poison is indiscriminate – any animal that eats it will die. Obviously, raccoons are not the only animals that frequent your yard, so it’s very possible that you might poison neighbourhood pets in the process, which is never a good thing.

Trapping and Release

The best option for dealing with pests here is to ensure that the pest control company you choose utilizes a trap and release procedure. The company will set out traps in areas where you are having problems. When the animals are caught, the company will then take the them off your property and release them in another area, where they will not pose an issue. This is the most humane option, as it does not result in the harm of those animals.

Not All Companies Are the Same

Obviously, different pest control companies have different policies and procedures. They also have different rates – you’ll pay more for a trap and release program than you will for an extermination plan in most cases, but it is usually worth it. The key is to make sure that the company you choose offers the service that you want, and that they truly do not harm the animals they catch.

To find the pest control company right for you, browse our pest and animal control directory to find a local professional.

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