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Pet-friendly home renovation trends

There was a time not too long ago when the mere concept of pet-friendly home renovation trends would have be laughable. However, in recent generations, pet culture has become an integral part of North American living. Now, when people think about pets and various rooms in the house such as kitchens and bathrooms, it isn’t always about trying to come up with some way to keep their pretty kitty or perky pup on the outside looking in. For many, the furriest family members are often welcome in just about every room in the house. In fact, some even get a room of their very own!

If you’re looking for a way to make your pampered pet even more comfortable in his or her home sweet home, we’ve compiled a few of our absolute favourite pet-friendly home renovation trends to inspire you.

Feeding Stations

Kitchen islands, counters and standalone cupboards with built-in pet feeding spaces are both endearingly stylish, but practical as well. They keep bowls off of the floor and out of the way, which prevents tripping hazards. Their typically elevated designed also makes it easier for older pets to access their food and water.

If you like to have your pets food hidden away at times, some designs featured bowls that are recessed into a drawer, allowing them to be tucked away when needed.

Built-In Beds

Of course, if there’s one thing that every pet needs it’s a comfy place to stretch out for a nap or two (or five, ten maybe? But who’s counting). Here are some extremely cute and some just plain extreme pet beds.

Pet Spas

Whether your pet feels pampered while being lathered and rinsed depends upon your particular cat or dog. However, these incredible at-home washing stations are bound to make even the most wash-resistant pet feel better about their washing ritual (maybe).

Cat Perches and Highways

Don’t think we’ve forgotten your feline familia. What cat wouldn’t love one of these lofty perches or elevated highways from which she might survey her minions family with ease?

Re-imagined Pet Doors

Doggy doors are nothing new; however, these are nothing short of extraordinary! Now, pet doors don’t just let pets out into the yard, but provide access to areas within the house. There are tiny doors that lead to discretely placed litter boxes

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