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Phantom Screens

Who is Phantom Screens / Ontario Screen Systems Inc.?

Danny Motkaluk discovered Phantom Screens while visiting a friend in Alberta in 1994, and he knew immediately that he had to bring Phantom to Ontario.  “At the time, retractable screens were so unheard-of.” remembers Danny, “With all of the advantages that retractability adds to the functionality of residential screening; I knew that homeowners would completely love it!”

When he arrived back in the GTA, Danny told his business partner Stephen Attfield – who is also his nephew – about Phantom Screens, and their new venture, Ontario Screen Systems Inc was born.  “I grew up in the door and window industry” says Stephen, whose grandfather – Danny’s father Karl Motkaluk – began selling and manufacturing doors and windows in his Mississauga plant in the early 1960’s.  Karl, who taught both his son Danny and daughter Carol the ins and outs of doors and windows, had passed along his entrepreneurial spirit to his grandson, Stephen.  “I always knew that I would follow in his footsteps, providing great service and a great product that made homeowners’ homes more enjoyable.”

Stephen and Danny were impressed when they met with Phantom Screens, since Phantom’s owners and leadership team shared their focus on product quality and family values.  Since that first meeting in 1994, when they became the exclusive distributors of Phantom’s professionally installed products in the province of Ontario, Stephen and Danny have grown Ontario Screen Systems Inc. to employ over 30 staff, including many of Karl’s descendants – his son Danny, daughter Carol and grandson Stephen, as well as Stephen’s wife, Danny’s son, Danny’s cousin and his cousin’s two daughters.  “We’re proud to have installed over 90,000 Phantom Screens in Ontario, with so many more to come,” says Danny.  “My Dad would be so proud!”

To this day, the company’s original Mississauga address still houses the Ontario operation, from which their professionally trained design consultants and installers are based.  With over 120 years of combined experience specifying and installing retractable screens for clients’ homes, you can trust the Phantom Screens’ team to assist you in bringing fresh air and ventilation into your home, while keeping flying insects out.

What is Phantom Screens?

While standard screens are functional in improving ventilation and keeping insects out, they lack style and sophistication. The founders at Phantom Screens recognized this opportunity and introduced a better solution — a solution that has the customer’s aesthetic, lifestyle, and functional needs in mind.   Since 1992, Phantom Screens has rapidly grown to become North America’s leading provider of retractable screen solutions, meeting customer demand with its innovative products.

Manufactured in Canada, Phantom Screens’ functional, attractive screens roll into a compact housing when not in use and come in a variety of colours to match virtually any décor. Hidden from view and protected when not in use, Phantom’s product slate includes custom installed solutions for French, single or sliding doors and most styles of windows.

Motorized retractable screens are also available, turning decks or patios into beautiful and comfortable outdoor living spaces.  Enjoy unobstructed views, shading from the sun’s rays as well as insect protection, all while maintaining the architectural integrity of the home’s design.  Phantom Screens are assembled with care and professionally installed to ensure years of trouble-free operation.

What does Phantom Screens specialize in?

Homeowners have traditionally been faced with a number of dilemmas when it comes to screens.  Traditional, framed screens are often functional but cover the decorative details and finishes of door systems, detracting from the home’s appearance from the street.

Phantom Screens specializes in providing screening solutions that are both attractive and functional.  Phantom’s retractable screens that disappear from sight when not in use can be used with literally any door, window or large opening.  Double doors, which are particularly difficult to screen, are easily and beautifully screened with double Phantom screens, increasing airflow into the home through both sides of the doorway, while keeping insects out.

Many homeowners don’t realize that having a traditional screen in place blocks up to thirty percent of the light coming into a home through the door or window opening.  Since Phantom’s retractable screens roll away when not in use, not only does Phantom Screens fill your home with fresh air, but it makes it brighter and more comfortable too.

What do Phantom Screens / Ontario Screen Systems Inc. enjoy about their work?

“Working with the beauty and quality of Phantom Screens makes my job so easy!  When I finish an installation and the homeowner is thrilled with the look and function of the screen, it makes every interaction a pleasant one and every day a happy one.”
– Mike C., installer since 2005

“The people I work with are the best – many of my teammates are like brothers to me.  When you have worked together with a great team for a long time, it’s like a family.  And I love showing our products to customers.  They love what they see!”
– Gar M., sales/installer since 2000

“Working with Phantom Screens is such a great experience.  No two days are alike, and every door or window application is unique, so I’m always growing my skills.  When my customers are happy with my work, I feel so proud.”            – Phil S., installer since 2010

Quick Tip:

Cross-ventilation is one of the best ways to reduce your dependence on air cooling systems and lower energy costs.  When both the front and back or side door of a home are opened for ventilation, it more than doubles the flow of fresh air through the home – it also allows you to reduce or eliminate the need for central air conditioning from spring through fall.  With environmental concerns at the forefront for so many homeowners these days, this is a simple way to contribute to a greener planet.


Need:  We just upgraded our kitchen and replaced our old patio slider with beautiful double French doors.  Is there a solution that allows ventilation while maintaining the beauty of our new doors and our garden view?

Solution: Professionally installed Phantom Screens for double doors

So many homeowners find that they don’t use their double doors for ventilation at all, as most builders don’t install screens when they design double doors into a home.  Phantom Screens solves that screening dilemma.  Whether double doors are in-swing or out-swing, opening onto a back patio or on the front door with full visibility from the street, double Phantom Screens allows you to let fresh air into your home through the entire double opening while keeping flying pests out of your home.

The images below illustrate the versatility of double Phantom Screens:

double door screen phantom screen

Need: We’re interested in adding an outdoor kitchen to our home, but aren’t sure whether we will enjoy using it into the evening hours in the summer, since so many mosquitoes tend to visit us as daylight fades.  How can we extend the use of our outdoor space?

Solution: Phantom Screens’ motorized Executive Screens are the ideal solution for extending the use of decks, patios, outdoor sitting areas and kitchens.

motorized patio screen

Motorized screen for house

For added peace of mind, all of Phantom Screens’ motorized products are CSA approved.

Need: We are proud of our heritage home and want to maintain the old world appearance of the architecture in all of the finishes we put on the exterior of the house.  All of our doors are the original, solid-wood doors and have so much character; we hate the thought of covering them up.  Are there screening solutions that would allow us to let in fresh air while maintaining the impressive look of our wood?

Solution: Phantom Screens’ offers a wide variety of colours and finishes to match any decor schemes.  As part of our Custom Colour program, a variety of Decoral decorative wood grain finishes are available to blend easily with virtually any solid wood elements on your home.

Phantom screen wood door frame

Have you hired Phantom Screens / Ontario Screen Systems Inc.? Tell us about your experience here!

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