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Picking Colours & Decor

Like it or not, how we decorate our homes says something about the kind of people we are. It’s not just about how expensive the things in our homes are; it runs deeper than that. The colours and furnishings we choose can give away details about us at a subconscious level. It’s a bit like the clothes we choose to wear. When you see someone who is dressed sharply and compare them with someone in a baggy sweater and jogging bottoms, you draw different conclusions about their characters. The sharp dresser is often viewed as more materially successful, but the person in jogging bottoms may be viewed as having a kinder nature.

Of course, these are generalisations and don’t always hold true, but the colours we choose for our home can work in much the same way. The colours on the walls or furnishings can really affect the mood and ambience in a room. Blue is often considered to be one of the most relaxing colours, which is why it’s such a popular choice for a bedroom. However, if your room faces north, the light can have a cooling effect on a blue room, and it can feel cold and depressing to spend time in. North facing rooms are often better painted a warmer tone like yellow or pink.

Living rooms are also often painted calming colours like blue or green. However, a bright and vivid tone of orange or red can give a totally different feel to a room. People who entertain guests a lot in their living room may choose these brighter colours as it gives the room energy and encourages conversation.

Orange living room

If you’ve opted for a strong wall colour it may be best to choose a neutral or muted tone for your soft furnishings like the sofa or the curtains. Before you start to redecorate a room, think carefully about the colour scheme you want to have, and check that you can get the furnishings to complement it.

Some people opt to put the colour in their furnishings and leave the walls a neutral colour or white. Buying a leather or fabric sofa in a strong colour can make a bold statement but it can sometimes be a choice that you regret. Although you loved it in the furniture store, suddenly at home it might feel too loud and overbearing. And whereas if you feel you’ve made the wrong choice with a wall colour it is relatively cheap to repaint it, you may be less inclined to spend more on a replacement sofa just after you’ve bought a new one.

So before making any rash decisions take time to consider your colour schemes and see if you can get it right the first time.

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