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Plan to take on one of these fall projects

Fall is right around the corner. While some people may lament the end of summer fun, for many other fall is a glorious time of year. It’s filled will colour, comfortable clothing, and family fun, such as apple picking, visits to pumpkin patches, and nature walks to take in the beautiful autumn colours. This is also the perfect time to get outside and take on some projects around the house.

In The Garden

 Plant an Evergreen Tree

According to Trees Canada, early fall is the perfect time to put new evergreen trees into the ground. Anywhere from the first week of August till the end of October is said to be ideal for this task.  There are several important steps to take before and after you plant your evergreen, so be sure to talk to an experienced landscaper or arborists to ensure you tree’s optimum health.

Fertilize Your Lawn

Help your lawn recover from the stresses of summertime and prepare for its long winter’s nap, by keeping it fertilized during the fall. Landscape Ontario suggests fertilizing once in September and then again in November.

Dry Some Hydrangeas

Never pick a hydrangea for drying at the pinnacle of its blooming season. When there’s too much water in the petals it will simply wilt rather than dry. Instead, wait till the months of August through October, when hydrangeas are just beginning to dry out naturally. When they reach this point, snip them at about 12 inches down from the flowerhead, at an angle. Then remove the leaves and either place them in water or hang them upside down to dry. With either method, ensure that your hydrangeas are kept out of direct sunlight, in a cool dry place.

Once they’re reached your desired level of dryness, you can then use them in wreaths, dried bouquets, or in craft projects.

Build New Raised Garden Beds

If you’ve been thinking about expanding your raised garden beds, or would like to start from scratch, fall is actually the ideal time to get started. By creating your raised beds now, they’ll be ready to go for the spring. This means that you won’t miss a single precious moment of planting season.

Additional Outdoor Tasks

Prepare Your Driveway

Winter can do some terrible things to your driveway. All of the freezing, salting, and thawing can damage the surface and worsen any existing wear. That’s why fall is a good time to repair any cracks (if you haven’t already) and reseal the surface. If your driveway has potholes, or other more serious signs of wear, you may want to contact a driveway contractor.

Organize Your Garage

If you don’t already have a garage organizational system in place, fall may the best time to do so. Chances are, your garage is filled with summer recreational items –kayaks, bikes, rollerblades, and a lot of other things that will soon need to be put away. Since garages tend to become dumping ground for excess things in the house, they can quickly become disorganized and overrun.

Add a Shed

Even with a garage organizational system, if you garage has reached its capacity, it may be time to consider adding a shed to your property. Fall is a great time to buy or build a shed, because it makes transitioning your seasonal tools much easier. Store the mowers, edges and hoses in the shed to make room in the garage for your snowthrower, shovels, and salt. Because winter is coming.

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