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Pool landscaping and accessorizing

This year, turn your backyard into the ultimate staycation oasis, by taking your swimming pool landscaping and accessorizing to the next level. There are numerous ways to dress up your splash zone, no matter what your backyard design style happens to be. Just keep in mind that there are usually five goals in mind when designing your poolside space: improving privacy, maintaining your pool’s cleanliness, adding storage, expressing your household’s personality and ensuring that everything is as low maintenance as possible.


pool landscaping AquaSpaPools

Image Source: Aquaspapools

Hardscaping is the name for hard landscape materials, like pavers and boulders that are built into a landscape. Pool hardscaping often involves waterfalls, retaining walls and walkways, as well as deck pavers and even stone grottoes.

Hardscaping can lend a very luxurious look to your backyard and pool and erases that “hole in the ground” look that some un-landscaped pools can have. This is because it frames your pool and planting beds, while also incorporating them into a larger backyard feature. It’s this cohesiveness that give a well landscaped backyard pool area such appeal.


pool landscaping Jameson Pool and Spa

Image Source: Jameson Pool & Spa

The best pool landscaping adds interest to your backyard without creating too much additional maintenance. In terms of softscaping, that means keeping plants and soil (and of course first) as far enough away so as to minimize any debris that might sully your water. If you don’t have a great affinity for gardening, low maintenance landscaping can also mean forgoing plants all together and opting for pavers instead.

Perennials: Using perennials in your landscaping is an excellent way to cut down on the amount of required maintenance.  Choose easy-going flowering plants like hostas or bleeding hearts to add colour and texture that doesn’t require too much work. They are also your best source for seasonal interest.

Planters: Choose interesting planters that act as art as well a container for plants. Planters make it easy to vary the colours and textures in your landscaping, without having to spend too much time on maintenance.      

Mosquito Repelling Plants: A good way to create landscaping that does double the duty is to add plants that naturally repel mosquitoes. Anything that helps you enjoy those evening swims is a bonus, right?  Some mosquito-repelling plants are: citronella, marigolds, feverfew and lavender.   


pool landscaping pottery barn

Image Source: Pottery Barn

Image Source: Pottery Barn

An easy way to add interest to your poolside space is with the addition of an interesting seating group. Trade your old patio furniture for a set that includes outdoor couches and armchairs, occasional tables and colourful accent textiles.

For poolside lounging, nothing beats a really good chaise.  Go for something with sumptuous cushions, and don’t forget to add a fetching umbrella and a table for your drink. Pool boy not included, unfortunately.


Building a pool cabana can add big impact in terms of your poolside profile, while also providing a luxe spot for napping, reading, or simply being fabulous (and who doesn’t want that?).

And while there are some exquisitely custom made pool cabanas out there, don’t think for a moment that building your own has to break the bank.  We’ve seen some incredible DIY cabanas made from ordinary shed kits, store bought gazebos and even one made from PVC pipes and several meters of outdoor fabric.


Parting of creating an attractive poolside area is ensuring that everything stays as neat as possible. However, with pools toys, inflatables and an endless number of pool noodles, keeping everything organized can be a bit of a challenge.

Feel like taking on a project? There are several really good tutorials online that tell you how to create pool toy storage out of PVC piping. Here’s an easy solution:


While lighting might be at the bottom of this list, it’s certainly not last in importance. In fact, good lighting is one of the most important parts of your poolside landscaping. To learn more, be sure to read our article on how to Energize your outdoor living space.




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