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Winter garden prep

The cold is settling in and it’s that time of year where the “F word” is a fear that everyone has – frost. To prepare your gardens for the upcoming season of cold, there are many steps that one needs to take to prepare themselves for an easy transition in the spring. 

Tidy Up 

winter garden prep
To Rake or Not to Rake

Leaves are changing colour and they are truly a beautiful sight but then comes the time where they fall to the ground and need to be cleaned up. Raking or mulching your leaves with a rake or a lawn mower before heading into the cold days of winter is a must do for a smooth spring clean up.

Weed Eater

Pulling weeds is a huge nuisance to all garden gurus but one must know that eliminating as many weeds as you can in the fall months will make your life easier come spring. Get rid of as many of these little things as you can before they start to seed.

Veg Heads
There’s nothing better than growing your own fruits and veggies in your backyard garden. In Canada, we have terrific weather and minerals in our soil to grow delicious fruits and vegetables, but before the frost hits, there’s some things you need to do to protect your tasty treats. Pick all your vegetables from the ground (no matter the size) and discard any fallen fruit. You want your garden to be a fresh slate when you start up next April.


Put Things Away

 winter garden prep 


Garden tools are to gardeners, as paintbrushes are to painters. Care for your garden tools before they sit in your garage all winter and they will care for you in return. Wipe them clean after their final use and put them back in your gardening bag or basket. They’ll be ready for you when the weather warms up.

Décor and More

From your garden knick-knacks to your outdoor chaise lounge, these backyard décor items need to be stored away so they can be kept in the condition you bought them in. If you don’t have room in your garage or garden shed, consider storing your lounger in your basement or attic. Dust off your garden knick-knacks and put them in storage.

Plant and Protect

 winter garden prep 

Beautiful Bulbs

Though flowers bring us so much joy in the summertime, it’s smart to dig up those bulbs come the fall to protect them from the cold. Pull up your bulbs, wrap them in a moist cloth and store them in a cool dark place. Planting new bulbs for their arrival in the spring is also something to be considered during your fall cleanup. Daffodils and tulips are bright and colourful options. Luckily these little flowers are strong enough to withstand the frost bitten soil but will blossom for you as soon as the temperatures change.


Roses are Red

Roses and small trees are fragile plants that need to be protected during the winter months. Treat your roses to a final fertilizing in late summer and make the last feeding approximately two months before you expect the first frost. Avoid pruning and trimming as much as you can to avoid new bud growth. Wrap the bushes in burlap to keep them protected from the harsh elements they may endure through winter.

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