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How to Prepare for a Modular Home Addition

Undergoing a substantial home renovation can be a stressful and overwhelming process. We spoke with Vladeta Jericevic, President and CEO of Modular Home Additions and discussed how his customers can prepare themselves and their homes for a smooth renovation with his company. For almost 20 years, Modular Home Additions has completed nearly 1,000 projects, where they have updated and reconstructed homes into their customer’s dream designs.

If you have a desire to enhance your home’s curb appeal and expand on the home’s initial structure with little stress compared to a traditional standard renovation, a Modular Home Addition is the perfect option for you. Jericevic states that compared to a traditional renovation company, his is a larger organization with a system-oriented approach to projects, resulting in a better organized and faster process of building, resulting in less work and stress for the homeowner.

Once you’ve decided you want to undergo this process, you’ll have quite a few meetings with the team at Modular Home Additions to create the home of your dreams. The creative freedom you’re given when designing your home is immense.

“ [The word] ’Modular’ has a lot of different meanings and working with modular elements doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll minimize the ability to design whatever is structurally possible. If it’s designed and stamped… We can build it,” says Jericevic.

The next few things to take into consideration when you’re going to undergo a drastic home renovation is the time that needs to be allocated for each step that needs to be taken in order to create your home. Jericevic insists carving out time for; the design stage, preapproval (zoning certificate), working with the committee of adjustment (if needed), building permit review and process and finally the building and construction of the design.

“[The] pre-construction phase can take, in some cases, over a year to complete, so be aware of that when you’re planning, “says Jericevic. “Construction itself can take anywhere from 3 months to a year, depending on a lot of things.”

Mr. Jericevic tells us that one of the ways that homeowners can impact the duration of their project is via their own preparedness.

“Decisions should be made ahead of time for certain things and delaying the decision will affect the deadlines and the length of your project at the end,” says Jericevic.

Be prepared and do as much planning in advance as possible to create a smooth renovation process.

Once your plans have been created and approved, the building can begin. To ease some of your potential anxiety, Modular Home Additions gives their clients access to a web portal and phone number that can provide their clients with assistance in case of any questions that may arise or an emergency.

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