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Pro Pest Investigation & Solutions

Who is Peter Pekelny of Pro Pest Investigation & Solutions?

For over 27 years Peter Pekelny worked and trained with a variety of Pest Control companies, including PCO Pest Control. Peter decided to go into pest control because of the customer service aspects of the job.

“It is important to take a problem that someone has and find a solution for them. Usually the customer has a fear with regards to the infestation, be it carpenter ants, raccoons or squirrels, which has infiltrated their home and kept them awake all night! It is an honor and a privilege to serve the public in this way, to gain the confidence and respect from each and every customer.” –Peter Pekelny

In 1999 Peter was given the chance to start his own company and he jumped at the opportunity since he wanted to give his customers a more personal touch. He now uses nearly three decades worth of experience and skills to help his customers and has built himself and his company a strong reputation for both high quality integrity and professionalism.

What is Pro Pest Investigation & Solutions?

In 1999, Peter Pekelny incorporated Pro Pest Investigation & Solutions. He started small, but he has since grown, hiring on more staff as well as having two trucks on the road. Pro Pest is a wildlife and pest control company that deals with the Greater Toronto Area in both residential and commercial properties.

Pro Pest has also achieved an A+ from the Toronto-area Better Business Bureau.

Peter told us how he and his staff use a technique called CSI (Crime Scene Investigation) for pest control, which is a method to find out what type of pest is the culprit. He explains that often homeowners contact him when they hear a noise or smell something odd. Peter or one of his experts will go on site to investigate and inspect the home and come up with the small details (such as teeth marks, hair, droppings etc.) that help to determine what pest is the problem. “Often,” Peter tells us, “you have to work backwards and put together the story, just like you would on a crime scene. This is due to the fact that many of the pests which we deal with are usually hidden.”

Pro Pest also offers preventative inspections and often works with real estate agents and home inspectors to make sure there are no problems with a prospective home.

Pro Pest Investigations makes it a practice to humanely capture and release the wildlife they find.

What does Pro Pest specialize in?

They specialize in wildlife control for squirrels, mice, raccoons, skunks, birds, bats and other pests like carpenter ants, wasps and common insects. Pro Pest also prides itself on customer service. They make sure that each customer’s problem is dealt with properly and satisfactorily. “We look at a house or property like it is our own, this allows us to have a personal approach,” he tells us, “and we tell our customers what we would need to do in their situation.”

What does the Pro Pest Team enjoy about their work?

The team enjoys investigating problems, drawing conclusions and then solving problems. Peter is also always happy to hear when his customers refer Pro Pest to others.


Pro Pest received a call from a condo building in Scarborough about a reported snake sighting. The Pro Pest investigators came on site and when they opened the door of the bedroom of the condo apartment they found a nine foot Indonesian carpet python on the floor. They managed to catch the snake in a garbage pail; however it kept escaping and wrapped itself around the bedpost, leaving Pro Pest to have a little tug of war with the snake. Eventually, they managed to get it into a raccoon cage. After the capture they investigated how the python had entered the apartment and found that a ventilation access panel was ajar. Apparently the snake had made its way into the condo building’s walls and into the apartment after escaping from its owner, from another unit.

After completing the capture and investigation Pro Pest took the python to a Snake Refuge.

Have you ever hired Pro Pest Investigation & Solutions? Share you experience with us.

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