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Product Review: The 8 Volt Lithium-ion Twistor Cordless Screwdriver Kit

This week in the eieihome tool test lab, we put the Benchmark 8 volt Lithium-ion Twistor Cordless screwdriver through its paces. The tool head can be locked into 380 distinct positions to put the driver bits into the right angle to get screws into and out of the tightest spots.

product reviewThe first impression is that it feels rather solid for a cordless screwdriver. There are a fair amount of metal body panels mixed in with the usual high impact plastic ones. The motor is housed in the main body of the unit with the quick release battery, direction and variable speed trigger switch. The tool head rotates 360 degrees and has 2 “elbows” that each have 180 degrees of pivot. Each joint has positive stops and locks for the position you place them in.

The power gets transmitted through gears enclosed within the joints of the tool, resulting in a respectable 60 inch-pounds of torque at  the ¼” driver chuck; which features a quick release bit retainer that should keep you from losing your bits in all the tight spots you’re going to be using this in. There is a repositionable LED light with its own battery and switch, so you can choose when the light is on and where it shines.

You obviously aren’t going to build a deck or frame a house with this tool, but that’s not what it’s designed for. There are plenty of projects that you won’t bring out your bigger power driver to do, nor would you want to manually turn a regular screwdriver.

The Twistor cordless screwdriver excels at all the small jobs around the house, like changing door knobs and light fixtures, tightening band clamps on drains and securing new junction boxes to studs. Its speed and power makes short work of assembling popular flat-packed furniture that would otherwise leave your wrists sore from all the twisting with a screwdriver. Then there’s the flexibility: this will help deliver the twisting power into tight and awkward places that other power tools simply cannot reach.

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About the Author: James Braid is a handyman, DIYer and professional retail display builder.

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