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Product Review: Beauti-Tone Designer Series Paint

This Canadian-made paint offers superior coverage and gorgeous colour in only a single coat.

Last week, we had the privilege of testing Home Hardware’s Beauti-Tone Designer series paint, and did we ever put it through its paces. This test was performed in a high-traffic family room that serves as an activity room for two young kids, and 3-month old puppy, while also providing the home’s main access to the backyard. Additionally, the room had been painted a fairly dark, caramel brown. This means that Beauti-Tone’s coverage, durability, drying speed, and washability needed to be of the highest quality.

Beauti-Tone Designer Series paint is a high-quality, 100% acrylic paint and primer in one. It features ceramic, microsphere technology which provides a smooth, durable, stain-resistant finish. This makes it an exceptional option for high-traffic spaces, like the one we tested.

This paint has also been treated with a fungicide, which makes it an ideal solution for rooms that experience a lot of moisture, such as kitchens and bathrooms.

Putting the Paint to the Test

Overall, we were very pleased with the performance and appearance of Beauti-Tone Designer Series paint. Here’s what we loved:

  • Low Odour
  • Smooth Application
  • Excellent Coverage
  • Fast Drying

After opening the can, the first thing you’ll notice is that while there is a paint scent present, it’s actually very mild. In fact, the scent didn’t spread throughout the home at all, despite the fact that we painted a room on a relatively open-concept main floor.

The specs on Beauti-Tone Designer Series paint state that each gallon provides up to 500 square feet of coverage, and after our test we believe this to be 100% true. We purposefully chose a light grey paint colour to really test how well it would cover the room’s darker walls. The result? It performed beautifully after only a single coat, providing full, opaque coverage without even a hint of the old paint showing through.

Even better was the fact that it dried completely within just over an hour’s time. This is an absolute must-have when your kids and puppy decide to strike up an impromptu round of tag indoors.

Made in Canada

On top of the superior performance, low odour and fantastic selection of available colours, Beauti-Tone Designer Series paint is a Canadian product, made right here in South Western Ontario.

To learn more about Beauti-Tone Designer Series paint, stop in to your local Home Hardware or visit Home

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