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Product Review: Kuraidori induction fondue set reviews the Kuraidori induction fondue set from Home Hardware.

Many of us consider entertaining to be one of the most enjoyable aspects of home ownership. There’s nothing like gathering with a group of treasured friends and family around the dining room table or out in the backyard, for a great meal and good times. This is especially true when that meal has an interactive quality, which is something that fondue has always offered. So, of course we were thrilled with the opportunity to review the Kuraidori induction fondue set from Home Hardware.

A Multi-functional Small Appliance

The Kuraidori induction fondue set is actually three highly useful products in one. Altogether, you have a delightful ceramic and stainless-steel fondue set, which allows you to enjoy a cheese, meat, or broth-based fondue experience for up to 6 people. However, what makes this product so useful is the fact that the components can be used for other purposes.

While fondue-making is the Kuraidori Induction Fondue Set’s primary purpose, you can also use the induction plate on its own (so long as you have induction-safe cookware), or use the stainless pot, ceramic insert and induction plate as a fast, efficient double boiler. So, if you’re rushing to make a silky béarnaise for Easter brunch, or finishing up some crepes with a flawless chocolate drizzle, using this product as a double boiler allows you to get the job done in record time.

The secret lies in the mini induction plate that gives the Kuraidori Induction Fondue Set its power. Induction cooking said to be about 25 to 50% faster. In fact, the booklet included with this set states that it can boil water in 90 seconds, which we were excited to discover was absolutely true!


Since we are not expert fondue makers, we picked up a President’s Choice Swiss Fondue pack for an easy test drive of this fondue set. The directions on the Swiss fondue pack said to heat the fondue mix on the stove first before transferring it to a fondue pot; however, the cooking capabilities of the Kuraidori Induction Fondue Set meant that we could do everything in the included double boiler. This not only saved time, but cleanup as well. Definitely a big win in our books!

The induction plate features a black glass cooktop, which is marked to indicate cooking surfaces for both 12cm and 21 cm diameter pots. If you happen to use a pot that isn’t induction compatible or if you put it in the wrong place, the cook plate emits an alert to let you know…as we discovered.

When you’re ready to get started, you’ll find 6 pre-programmed heat settings on the touch-activated panel, which allowed for easy temperature regulation throughout the entire process. We started it out on level 5, to melt the cheese mix and then eventually lowered to level 1 to keep it melty and warm. The result was a perfectly smooth, gooey pot of cheesy goodness, with no burnt spot on the bottom.

Note: When using the pot to cook your mixture prior to heating, we discovered that it’s best to add water to the base pot. This is because you needed the addition of steam heat to get a good melt on your cheese.

The Verdict

The Kuraidori induction fondue set is easy to use, and cleans up beautifully, but what we really love is how versatile it is. This isn’t the type of small appliance that you’ll forget about in the depth of your pantry. It’s three in one versatility will make it a staple at parties, holiday gatherings, and a must-have at the cottage or trailer.

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