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Does your home need a programmable thermostat?

The winter season has officially arrived, which means your heating bills will probably increase. Coming home to a freezing home is just unacceptable when it’s -20 degrees outside! Instead, consider investing in the latest home automation technology: a programmable thermostat. It’ll keep you and your home warm exactly when you need the heat.

How a programmable thermostat works

A programmable thermostat lets you choose what time you want the heat on in your home and what temperature it should reach. Most programmable thermostats have an interactive display that allows you to set these measures based on your schedule or lifestyle. For example, if you leave the house around 8am and the first person to come home is at 4pm, then you can set your thermostat to heat your home before you even arrive. This way, you’re not coming home to a freezing dwelling, and you’re not spending money to heat your home while you’re not there to bask in it.

Use it in different rooms

You won’t always need every room in the home to be heated at all times, even if your entire family is home at the same time. That’s what’s so great about a programmable thermostat: you can control the temperature in each room and make adjustments based on your needs.


Want to save money? Then you need a programmable thermostat

For each degree you adjust your programmable thermostat within an 8-hour period, you can save at least one per cent on your energy bill. While it doesn’t sound like a lot, trust us, it is. That’s because for every time energy isn’t wasted (in other words, when the thermostat is on and heating your home when no one is home to enjoy it), you’re saving money.

Consider dropping the temperature a few degrees while you’re away or sleeping (you can always put on a blanket and pair of socks!). This will help you reduce your energy bills exponentially this winter season.

It’s not just for the winter seasonprogrammable_thermostat

A programmable thermostat is a wise investment that you’ll use all year around. The same energy-saving techniques and temperature scheduling can be applied to the summer months when you’re running the air conditioner. That means you can see energy savings every single month, up to 30 per cent throughout the year. Who doesn’t want that?

The cost

Programmable thermostats range in price because there is a wide selection. You can purchase a regular programmable thermostat, or one that can be controlled via Wi-Fi, which means you can make adjustments to your settings on your cellphone no matter where you are!

To give you a few ideas, however, here are some options. Remember, these are just estimates! Speak with a home automation expert to price out a unit for your home.

This winter season, optimize your comfort by purchasing a programmable thermostat. Use our directory to find a home automation expert who can guide you in the buying process and even help you with the installation!

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