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Protect your family with a standby generator

The stormy weather and cold temperatures mean that homeowners in Ontario are thinking about how best to prepare for whatever the winter might throw their way. For many, when it comes to home preparedness, there is no better safety measure than having a standby generator installed at home.

To learn more about this essential household utility, spoke with Hanna Taylor of Hotwire Electric, a GTA electrical company specializing in custom homes and new construction.

Standby Generators are a Year-Round Necessity

While winter may be the most popular time for homeowners to think about adding some sort of backup power to their home, the truth is that a standby generator is something homes should be able to rely on year-round. Ensure that your home has an emergency power source. It is essential to the health and well being of your family.

“Without power, you lose heat in the winter. But how about sleeping in a home with no AC at 35 degrees,” says Taylor. “[In the event of a power outage] consider your fridge and freezer and hundreds of dollars of wasted food. Think about sump pumps in the basement that don’t work … or bathing in ice water while you wait in line for hydro to connect you back to the grid,” she warns.

Portable units are not enough

Chances are, when you imagine a backup generator, you’re picturing a small plug-in unit that you can pick up from the local home improvement store. However, these portable units are simply not enough to supply power to your whole home for any length of time.

Portable generators typically pack anywhere from 1,800W for a small unit up to 12,000W for something more substantial. However, even the most robust portable cannot compare to a professionally installed home unit.

“The [recommended generator size for a] standard home is around 20-22kw and upwards depending on the size of home and what devices you wish to backup,” Taylor explains.

Purchasing a Home Generator 

A home standby generator is a complex, wired-in unit that demands the installation services of an electrician who has been specially trained to work with generators.

“Most electricians shy away from generators,” Taylor says. “[However], we [at Hotwire Electric] are trained by the best at Generac to be their certified and authorized installers.”

If homeowners are concerned about not knowing how to select the right generator, Taylor assures us that the experts at Hotwire can help. They will review the size of the home as well as the homeowner’s wishes when the power goes out, and assess the best location for the unit based on city rules.

“[At Hotwire], we are distributors, licensed electricians, authorized warranty providers and [provide] service/ maintenance packages available for annual services,” Taylor says. “We are a one stop shop for all your generator needs.”

To learn more about having a standby generator installed, contact Hotwire Electric via their listing here on

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