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Protect your home against burglaries & home invasions with new technology

Most home alarm systems do a good job of preventing burglaries; unfortunately home invasions are becoming more prevalent as a way of bypassing home security systems. eieihome spoke to New Age Security about what you can do to protect your home and family.

eieihome: What new technologies are available to protect homeowners from home invasions?

New Age Security: Many new technologies have been introduced by the alarm industry, from high resolution cameras and the programmable “smart recorders” that manage them; to GSM wireless communication technology that keeps homes protected independent of phone lines. However, the latest trend has been in integrating the available technologies to work together and making that information available in real time. Integrated systems can respond to homeowners wanting to know more; more about whom visits their home during the day, when their children get home and even when criminals are on their property, all in real time on their smart phones.

eieihome: How does having access to this information help homeowners?

NAS: These technologies can all but eliminate false alarms, while retaining the ability to stop criminals cold.  We have surveillance management systems that can detect someone on your property and alert you via a cell phone app that someone is on your property even before they are able to break-in. Our clients can watch in HD quality right on their phones and can have the police sent to their home even before a break-in happens.

eieihome: Are these modern security systems complicated and difficult to use?

NAS: Not at all, it’s as simple as clicking an app on your cell phone.

eieihome: What do these systems cost?

NAS: These technologies have come down in price significantly. An integrated security system with HD cameras, a “smart” recording and managing system and an alarm system that are all accessible in real time will typically start between five to ten thousand dollars.

eieihome: With home invasions becoming more frequent and violent, what technologies are there to protect home owners?

NAS: With the current trend towards home invasions in order to bypass alarm systems, there are available technologies to combat this trend, including video intercoms, Video Verification monitoring and HD surveillance systems.  These tools can help authorities with much higher conviction rates, often preventing the crime from taking place.

Do you have any home security questions? New Age Security will be happy to assist you, just click here.

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