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Protect your home from flooding

eieihome got some advice from G J MacRae Foundation Repair on what to do about flooding. “When sewage lines are overwhelmed by heavy rain or flooding, the water flows back toward your home and into your basement — you need to install a back-flow preventer valve or back-water valve on the main drain.”

According to the Insurance Board of Canada, 70% of flood damage occurs from the City’s main sewage line backing up through basement floor drains and basement toilets.

Back-flow preventer

Sewage can flow out, however, if the outside sewer system is overwhelmed, due to heavy rain or flooding, the back-flow preventer valve or back-water valve prevents water and sewage from flowing back into your home by the trap door in the valve. The trap door in the value itself allows sewage and household water to exit the house; preventing it from coming back into the home when the sewer system is deluged or overwhelmed.        


Another way to prevent your home from flooding is by having the correct downspouts installed. The City of Toronto provides subsidy for you to remove a rainleader (a downspout that is connected to a below grade drain) and extend your downspout above ground, away from your foundation wall.  This is crucial in flood conditions because the rainleader provides a path or another way for water to overflow and flood your basement because i bypasses the protection of a back-flow preventer valve

A downspout is designed to carry the huge volumes of water received from your eavestroughs, away from your foundation.  If you have a rainleader type downspout, the roof water is now directed to your inside floor drain, making your basement vulnerable to leakage.

Floor drains

The floor drain is located right inside your basement concrete floor.  The rainleader directs the water to your floor drain inside your basement, bypassing the protection of a back-flow protector valve.

When you have water back up from the street, all the water from your rainleader downspout pours into your floor drain, inside your basement.  You don’t want to provide another way for the water to come in.  Have that rainleader removed and get a subsidy from the City of Toronto. This is called pipe severance and capping. The available subsidy is equal to 80% of the invoiced cost.

GJ MacRae Foundation Repair has been in business since 1975 and are the original full service foundation repair company. You can find them at along with reviews and service pros for any of your home improvement and renovation projects.

Special to EiEiHome by Noreen MacRae

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