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Protect Your Plants: Control the Moisture, Control the Mold

Did you know that indoor plants can get mold?   The main cause for mold growth for plants is overwatering, not providing enough drainage and poor circulation. This can be easily treated with a few simple steps.

1. Decrease watering and increase fresh air flow

Give your plants a chance to breath, open a window and reduce watering for a few days to remove any excess moisture – mold loves moisture!

2. Prune away

Remove any dead leaves and/or decaying blooms – don’t give the mold spores a food source!

3. Increase light Levels

Let the sun shine in!  Mold does not like light so a little bit of sunshine goes a long way.

4. Make sure your plants are in an appropriate pot

Plant holders should have drainage holes on the bottom with an additional tray underneath to hold any excess water.

In most cases, during the winter people have the opposite problem and find their home too dry.  Plants can still get mold regardless of your humidity levels in your home.  These few simple steps can help you maintain the overall health and beauty of your plants.

Greg writes for about mold. specializes in mold removal and unlike the other companies they address the reasons why the mold grew in the first place.

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