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Provincial HVAC Rebates Are Here

As we continue to face winter head on, it’s inevitable that heating-related expenses are on the mind of many homeowners.

That’s precisely why reached out to Adam Saunders of Martino HVAC, a GTA industry leader in heating and cooling. We asked Adam to share with us what he thought was the most salient topic in HVAC today, and he immediately turned to the provincial rebates.

“These rebates are part of the GreenOn program.” Saunders explains.

If your heating or maintenance bills are out of control, these rebates will certainly be of interest.

“Homeowners can apply for rebates up to $5500 when installing a new high efficiency HVAC system.” Saunders explains.

The rebates are primarily geared towards the installation of a heat pump, which is an air conditioning unit that is capable of both heating and cooling. Heat pumps use electricity, but are much more energy efficient as compared to other heat sources.

If you need more information, you can contact Martino HVAC to learn more about the specifics, including the equipment that is eligible for the rebate.

Who will benefit most from these rebates?

“One of the great things about the qualifying heat pumps is that they also dehumidify, which means they are essentially 3-in-1 systems that provides cooling, heating and dehumidification.  Not all HVAC systems do this, and it is a valuable thing to have, especially if you have issues with dampness in your home.” Saunders explains.

All homes, whether old or new, will benefit from the upgrade to these quieter, more efficient units.

Those whose homes are currently heated via electricity will enjoy an even greater amount of savings due to the significant difference in efficiency.

For example, let’s assume that it cost $1 to produce 1 kW of heat in your current home that is electrically heated.  In those same conditions, a qualifying heat pump will produce the same amount of heat for only $0.25.

There is an addendum though, these savings will not be quite as great during extreme cold conditions because of the energy required to control the temperature in your home in such circumstances.

“Generally speaking, you can expect to reduce your heating expenses by up to 50% when switching over from electrical heating.” Saunders explains.

The extent of the savings will ultimately depend on the severity of the seasonal weather, but the improvement in efficiency is unquestionable.

Ready to get started? You can reach out to Martino HVAC via  or, today!


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