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How to reduce seasonal allergies at home

Spring is here, and while many Canadians are outside enjoying the warm weather and blooming flowers, according to a recent study, approximately 20-25% of us are suffering through the sneezing, itchy eyes and coughing associated with seasonal allergies. With the same study showing that 1 in 4 Canadian allergy sufferers limits outdoor activities in an effort to avoid symptoms, it’s little wonder why allergies are typically associated with conditions outside. However, the discomfort can be just as strong for those who suffer with allergies at home.

Here are a few ways that seasonal allergy sufferers can reduce allergy effects indoors.

Close Your Windows

While a little fresh air is welcomed by most people, this isn’t always a good idea when you’re an allergy sufferer. Rather than keeping cool by opening your windows, opt for running the air conditioner instead.

Keep It Cool

One of the more common indoor allergies is to dust mites. In fact, dust mites are cited as the #1 allergen in Halifax. To keep these little pests at bay, the Mayo Clinic suggests keeping your home’s temperature between 20°C and 22°C.

Deep Clean Often

We realize that cleaning probably doesn’t sound like the most enjoyable solution, but we figure it’s probably a lot better than dealing with an itchy soft palate. So damp mop and/or vacuum as frequently as you can and don’t forget to clean off your window sills and other surfaces with a damp cloth. This will help remove the dust and pollen that may collect on certain surfaces in your home.

Ensure that your deep cleaning extends to laundering your bedding as well. On a weekly basis, be sure to wash your sheets in very hot water, BUT, do not line dry them. Line drying will simply coat them in the very allergens you are trying to eradicate from your home.

Install an Air Filtration System

One of the most effective ways to provide allergy relief at home is through the installation of a whole-house air cleaner and purifier.

“These systems attack all three classes of indoor air contaminants, have an air filter MERV Rating of 16, and remove over 95% of particles down to 0.3 microns”. (Source: Martino HVAC)

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