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Is your home energy efficient? This expert can find out

Are you conservative when it comes to energy usage? Despite your best efforts, there are other factors that compromise energy efficiency. Narayana Asogan, P.Eng. of New Dawn Energy Solutions, tells us there are many ways to improve energy efficiency in our homes.

How energy is compromised

Energy efficiency is the measure of how effective your home uses the energy that comes into it, says Asogan. In other words, the energy consumed isn’t wasted energy.

Wasted energy occurs as a result of air leakage, when lights are left on, or electronics are plugged into an electrical outlet even when they’re not in use, he says. Older appliances also consume more energy than the new, energy efficient appliances.

“We have all of our systems, like TVs, computers, home theater plugged in all the time, which consume continuous electricity,” says Asogan. “Even though they’re not used, they consume small amounts of power 24 hours a day.

These patterns cause a lack of efficiency, which results in high monthly energy bills. But with a few tweaks to the home, homeowners can minimize wasted energy.


Energy is easily wasted everywhere throughout the house. Which areas are a major loss in your home?

Optimize energy usage

HVAC systems typically consume a majority of a home’s energy. Plus, conditioned air often leaks out of doors and windows. It’s a common problem in many homes, says Asogan.

“Increasing insulation in the attic, proper sealing to prevent air leaks and putting blinds on the windows to stop sunlight from heating the house will reduce the energy wasted and improve overall efficiency of a home,” he says.

Running the air conditioner when the house is unoccupied is also a waste of energy. A programmable thermostat can improve efficiency.

Asogan also suggests having motion sensors and timers installed in the house to control lights and appliances. They allow homeowners to set times for the lights to go on and off, which will prevent wasted energy.

As for the appliances and entertainment systems plugged in, homeowners should plug them into a power bar and shut off the power when they’re not in use.

solar panels

You may also want to consider having New Dawn Energy Solutions install solar panels on your roof. Read below for why!

How solar energy can improve energy efficiency

New Dawn Energy Solutions has been providing energy solutions to clients for over 7 years, examining where energy is lost and how to optimize energy production for residential homes and businesses.

Asogan recalls a client who turned to New Dawn Energy Solutions to improve heat loss throughout the house. New Dawn installed solar panels on the roof (which creates renewable energy with sunlight) and noticed a significant change in the house. “It improved the heat loss in the house,” he says.

The client’s home would get significantly hotter in the summer, especially the second floor bedrooms. Once the solar panels were installed, less heat was filtering into the home and rooms were adequately air conditioned.

“The solar panels not only produce electricity, but aid in energy efficiency as well,” he says.

Energy efficiency through the use of solar panels generates energy savings, improves the comfort of your home and prevents wasted energy.

new dawn energy

Contact the experts at New Dawn Energy Solutions for more information on how to improve your home’s energy use!

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