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Reno and Decor: Modular home renovations

Everyone always wants to know what the latest building trend is in the city of Toronto. But what’s hot this year may not be hot next year. One renovation craze that has officially become a standard practice is the modular renovation . More and more people are discovering the advantages of a simplified way to grow their homes.

Proving that the trend is here to stay, Toronto-based construction company Modular Home Additions has over 900 satisfied  customers,  with  new  projects being signed on regularly. One thing is clear: the company has managed to successfully counter the stigma that modular homes are generic and ugly.

That stigma is not without cause, however. In the early days of the “in-the­ box”-style renovation, the results were often a basic home addition that offered more function than aesthetic appeal. Yet with their in-house creative design team and talented contractors.

Reno and Decor: Modular home renovations

Modular Home Additions has helped hundreds of homeown­ers achieve an increased functionality from their homes, as well as a stunning look customized to preference. By applying a simple renovation solution with a talented design team, the results are leaving families in Toronto and the GTA thrilled.

So who is the ideal candidate for a Modular Home Addition? Pretty much anyone who wants to expand upon their existing home without the hassle and stress that comes from a traditional-style renovation.

Turnaround Time

Many people are attached to their homes, even when they start to outgrow them . Rather than go through the stress of moving, Modular Home Additions offers a quick alternative that will grow your home to f it your current needs.

During the renovation  process, the  majority of  homeowners  remain  in their  homes and maintain their normal, day-to-day lives. More important, the initial phase of the process takes only three days. Day One: The existing roof is removed and demolished ; Day Two : The second floor, walls and roof are installed ; Day Three : Adding of shingles along with basic clean up. The remaining process will generally take anywhere from two to four months.

Curbside Appeal

Modular Home Additions puts extra effort into the exterior of their homes. Curbside appeal is an incredibly important part of your home addition, so it is vital to pay attention to exterior aesthetics, particularly so they blend seamlessly with your existing neighborhood. Most people are completely unable to tell that a home has undergone the Modular transformation. The result is an affordable home addition that looks amazing and increases functionality and quality of life.

Reno and Decor: Modular home renovations

Giving Back

Once Modular Home Additions had reached the 900 customer mark, they felt it was time to give back to the community that has been so gracious to them. Modular Home Additions has partnered with Habitat for Humanity Toronto, a charity that works to provide affordable housing solutions for low-income families. This spring, they will start an exciting and challenging project to build a home for a family with 12 kids, with the help of many of their sub-trades and suppliers.

Reno and Decor: Modular home renovations

If you are looking for a home renovation solution that is affordable, quick and stress­-free , join the ranks of happy customers who have gone with Modular Home Additions.


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