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Renovating the Exterior of Your Strata Titled Property: Not as Easy as it Sounds

Strata-titled properties are defined as “a form of property ownership designed for multi-level apartment blocks, in which the owners own their individual unit in addition to a share of the common areas in the property.” When you own a single unit in a larger structure that is immediately and physically attached to other units, doing home improvement work can become a headache.

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Strata-titled properties come with a minefield of legal obstacles regarding home improvement.

Strata-Titled Properties

If you own a home, getting renovations done is as simple as hiring a home contractor, but strata-titled properties come with a complex and inconsistent set of rules and regulations that require special permission to do any invasive work. Attempts to get around these regulations could lead to legal repercussions or damage to your online reputation.

Shared Boundaries

There’s an old cliche that says one man’s ceiling is another man’s floor. When it comes to strata-titled properties, the phrase can be taken literally. Strata – which translates to mean “level” – titled properties share boundaries. Walls, floors, and ceilings are common property, although the owner owns the space within – usually including balconies.

Corporate Policy

In strata-titled properties, any home improvement must be cleared with the corporate body that regulates the entire structure. The regulations differ widely from building to building and jurisdiction to jurisdiction. Generally, ask the body that runs the building before hiring a home contractor to do any major work on your home.

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Always abide by the ruling of the property manager.

Strata-titled properties were designed for a great original purpose – to avoid confusion and confrontation in dealing with the shared spaces of multi-unit dwellings.

When it comes to refurbishing them, however, it is a complicated legal and logistical obstacle. Always know the rules before you buy, and be sure to check with the regulatory body before you do any work. Make no presumptions about what you “should be” allowed to do, and never try to do shady work on the sly.

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