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Renovation goals: Adding a Mudroom

With the sloppy, slushy winters that we’re prone to having in Canada, it would seem logical that mudrooms should be a standard part of every Canadian home. Sadly, these useful little rooms aren’t the norm for homes in most provinces. However, in recent years, adding a mudroom has grown into a very popular and highly desired home renovation project.

Make Space

For most households, the first barrier to creating that dream mudroom is lack of space … or at least the perception that there isn’t enough space. The reality is that many houses have a few pockets of wasted space (yes, even your house). That’s why the first step should be to contact a home renovation specialist. A professional will be able to come in and assess the space with a more experienced eye than most average homeowners can.

Making room for your new mud room could involve taking some space from an adjacent powder room to extend the laundry, combining your laundry and hall closet space, or even relocating a main floor laundry to the basement or second floor (although this is a risky option where resale value is concerned).

Assess Your Needs

adding a mud room

Source: House Plans

When designing your mudroom, be sure to consider your household’s lifestyle. Are you sports enthusiasts or have pets as part of your household? Do you do a lot of gardening or plan to use the mudroom’s exterior door as a main entry point? These are all factors that will impact the creation of a highly functional mudroom.


Choosing the right flooring for your mudroom is one of the most important decisions that you’ll make during the entire renovation project. Since the mudroom is generally a high traffic area, and tends to be hit with snow, mud, slush and water, your choice of flooring should definitely be something that’s easy to maintain…unless you enjoy the thought of mopping it multiple times a day every day.

The good news is that there are tons of high style/low maintenance flooring options available on the market. You’ll find everything from tried and true vinyl to woodgrain ceramic tile and much more.


Of course the most integral part of any mudroom is the storage.  Going back to assessing the needs of your household, you’re going to need to determine if you require a little storage or a lot. If you have athletes in your household you may want to consider a locker room style of storage where everyone has their own locker (either open-style or closed) in which sports gear, shoes and other items can be stowed.

This is also a great storage option for households with school-age children, because it provides a designated drop zone for backpacks, jackets, lunchbags, etc.

Of course, this is by no means the only way to organize your mudroom storage. You can add built-in cupboards, storage benches and any number of store-bought home organization solutions to keep all of the stuff organized and your mudroom as neat as possible.

Heating and Seating

Don’t forget to provide your household with a comfy spot to don shoes, rollerblades or just to perch for a moment. Benches are the most common seating option here. A lot of people like to integrate them into the primary storage in the mudroom; however, you can opt for a freestanding bench if that’s what you prefer.

When it comes to heating, we aren’t talking about the general household HVAC, we’re thinking about the addition of heated floors. Just imagine coming in from a blustery February, kicking your boots off and enjoying the warmth of heating flooring. Is it a luxury? Sure it is, but if it’s one that sounds like a worthwhile treat.

The best time to install heated floors is in the midst of your mudroom reno and not a few years down the road.

Another comfort upgrade that some homeowners seem to enjoy is the addition of a water cooler or even a drinking fountain. This is primarily seen in mudrooms that have an access door to the back or side yard. The thought here is that it’s a great way to keep kids and gardeners hydrated without them having to find their way into the kitchen.


There is no need for your mudroom to be a flat, white box. Add colour, texture and excitement in the form of statement lighting, shiplap walls and beautiful floors. Attractive storage baskets, photos, and other décor elements are absolutely right at home in this type of space.

Are you a hardcore sports-loving family? Give your mudroom a sports theme. Does your life revolve around your pets? Add a doggy spa station and custom built in pet beds. It’s all about what make you and the rest of your household happy.

Ready to create your new mudroom? Get started by browsing the listing of local general contractors in your area, here on

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