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Revolutionary Canadian app takes the guesswork out of hiring a contractor

When it comes to hiring a contractor to work on your most precious investment, searching through listings and reviews simply isn’t enough. You want assurance that the contractors and trade Pros you hire for your home renovation or repair project are experienced, reliable, and genuinely take pride in what they do. That’s where eRenovate™ comes in. wanted to learn all about this exciting, new Canadian innovation, so we had a chat with Tom Cordeiro – Chief eRenovator at eRenovate, to get an inside look at the app that is poised to revolutionize the way Canadians renovate and improve their homes.

What is eRenovate?

eRenovate is a 100% Canadian mobile and web app that takes the stress out of hiring professionals to work on your renovation or home improvement projects. It allows homeowners just like you to connect with top local contractors who have been hand-picked and screened by the discerning eRenovate team.

“I thought that there needs to be a way for people to  hire contractors with confidence,” Cordeiro says.

With many stories of people losing faith in online reviews, and statistics that point to a large quantity of reviews being inaccurate, it’s important that Canadian consumers have an alternative means of hiring reliable contractors. eRenovate, just might be the answer that everyone is looking for. The City of Toronto’s HELP Program, Moen Canada, and TorontoHyrdo already link homeowners to eRenovate to source reliable contractors.

eRenovate™ is gaining support of leading brands such as HanStone Canada, HabitatReStore, and industry associations alike.


Best of all, eRenovate is incredibly easy, safe and free to use. You can easily describe your project  by answering a few simple questions, and adding images or a video of your space. Then post your project, sit back, relax and let eRenovate take over.

Your project will be anonymously posted, and matched to local Verified contractors. Only the essential project details are visible to the matched Pros, and not your contact details.  Interested Verified pros reply via the app or website, and you can compare profiles, project galleries, ball park estimates, and credentials. It has never been more simple to hire trustworthy Pros.

Verified by eRenovate™

To be listed on eRenovate™, contractors must pass the Verified by eRenovate™ screening process. This is extremely important to know when so many other industry “Certified by” or “Best of” monikers/logos are misleading.

Contractors cannot pay their way onto eRenovate™, unlike other contractor website directories. “I spoke with a contractor who recently was awarded “Best of” on  popular site, while never even completing a project via the website” Cordeiro explains. “So, I’m not sure exactly what “Best of” means anymore.”

To qualify, contractors must have been in operation for at least three years, provide proof of insurance and licensing, and have confirmation of their WSIB and HST/CRA registration. That means no “fly by night” faux contractors, and no shady, under the table deals.

Why You Can Trust in Verified by eRenovate™ Pros? Pro must;

  • Have Valid Commercial Liability Insurance
  • Have Valid License based on type of Pro
  • Must have at least 3 years of service
  • have WSIB coverage (when applicable)
  • Verified HST#/CRA registration
  • Must Agree and commit to the eRenovate™ Code of Conduct

This is an extremely valuable service, because even though countless articles have been written about how to hire a reputable contractor, the fact is many homeowners are simply not comfortable asking the necessary screening questions.

“Homeowners don’t know how to evaluate contractors,” Cordeiro explains. “They are often afraid to ask the important, and tough questions. That’s where we save you the time and stress!”

This reluctance to ask for qualification credentials is why word-of-mouth is such a popular means of finding home improvement professionals. If someone hears that an acquaintance had good work done on their home, they might be inclined to simply hire that professional without properly screening them.

A Boon for Contractors

In addition to providing an indispensable service to homeowners, eRenovate™ is fast becoming an essential tool for home improvement professionals as well.

“Contractors like it [eRenovate] because it helps them stand out,” Cordeiro explains. “[Verified by eRenovate] proves they have valid credentials.”

The shoddy reputation of Canada’s underground home improvement industry has been well-known by both professionals and homeowners for quite some time. After numerous reports of unscrupulous “contractors” bilking homeowners for their hard-earned cash, many Canadians are understandably stressed about hiring someone to do work on their most precious investment. The Verified by eRenovate™ verification process helps reduce the worry and allows licensed, experienced contractors to connect with  homeowners in the meaningful.

This fall, peace of mind is about to get even more peaceful, when eRenovate launches a homeowner protection service like no other. Sign up for the free newsletter to make sure you are the first to know!

For iOS devices, the eRenovate™ app can be found on The App Store. A tablet, laptop, or desktop computer version can be found at

For more information about working with eRenovate™, visit, today.

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