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Your Roof: A Design Opportunity?

In most cases, there isn’t anything sexy about a roof. While incredible amounts of time, energy, and money are often dumped into interior design and outdoor projects such as landscaping or patios, the roof is almost always seen as a matter of function and practicality. But for creative homeowners, the house’s lid can do more than keep the rain off – it can even be the coolest part of the home.

Any project involving a roof is, well, a project. But in the words of Bob Parson of GoDaddy, “If it was easy, everyone would be doing it.” When it comes to your roof, think outside the box.

roof renovation

It’s your roof – get creative!

Green Roofs

A green or “living” roof incorporates vegetation into the roof system – and it isn’t just for show. As simple as grass or as elaborate as a rooftop garden, live roofs can dramatically reduce the amount of heat absorbed by your structure from the sun. They can also do wonders for absorbing rainwater, taking pressure off of your gutter system, and preventing water damage to your home’s foundation.

Roof Decks

A roof deck is the ultimate utilization of otherwise-wasted space. Decks are often situated next to the house or as an attachment, but by building vertically, you’re making the most of your home’s lid. A roof deck is more than a novelty, but a functional space for entertaining, relaxing, and dining – and depending on your style, the decor options are limitless. This is a major undertaking, but there is no question that your home will be more valuable when you’re finished. A home renovation contractor will likely be needed for a project this size.


A staple in many areas of the European Mediterranean and the American Southwest, ceramic tiled roofs are a great way to break the shingle monotony. Attractive and functional, tiled roofs can last longer than shingles, complement the home’s painted exterior – and ceramic provides excellent insulation against heat. Most home improvement contractors work with tile.

tiled roof

Tiled roofs are charming and functional.

It’s easy to think of your roof as the thing that keeps the rain out – and essentially, it is. But you can also get creative and increase your homes functionality and value. Put the top of your home on the top of your to-do list.

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