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Why you should consider a metal roof

A roof with a longer shelf life, greater durability and long-term savings potential? What homeowner wouldn’t want that? When replacing your roof, many homeowners are now choosing metal over the traditional asphalt shingles. We spoke with Max Guerra of New Steel Roofers Inc., a Hamilton-based metal roofing company, about why metal roofs may soon become the new norm in roofing.

A roof that lasts a lifetime

The typical asphalt roof will last homeowners eight to 12 years. “Because they’re exposed to the elements, asphalt shingles start deteriorating from the day they go up,” says Guerra. Although exposed to the same elements, metal roofs can withstand extreme weather conditions for many years. While New Steel Roofers Inc.’s metal roofs come with a 50-year warranty, Guerra says they can last from 80 to 100 years.

Long-term savings

Sure, metal roofs may be more expensive than asphalt shingles, about twice the cost, but Guerra says homeowners who are thinking long-term will realize huge savings.  Since you will likely never again replace your roof, homeowners are saving an average of $7,800 (the typical cost of an asphalt roof) every 10 years. Plus, metal roofs can achieve solar reflectance of over 70 percent, allowing the roof to stay cooler, decreasing a home’s cooling costs during the summer. Guerra says a metal roof can save homeowners up to 40 percent on their energy costs.

Environmentally sustainable

“Re-roofing generates approximately 11 million tons of asphalt shingle waste in our landfills each year,” says Guerra. When an asphalt roof is replaced, roofing companies remove the old shingles from the roof. With a metal roof, by contrast, the old shingles don’t have to be replaced at all. “We can go right over the exiting shingles,” says Guerra. This means less material lands in the landfill. Plus, New Steel Roofers uses metal shingles made with 59 percent recycled material, making them a good choice for eco-friendly homeowners.

If your home needs a new roof, why not make the investment once? After all, a metal roof is designed to last decades. Visit New Steel Roofers online to read more about metal roofs and read customer reviews.

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