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Safe Ways to Remove Mould from Your Home

Having a mould problem in your home is bad enough. It can destroy the structure of your home and damage your family’s health.

But using the wrong mould removal solution can cause the same problems.

For example, most commercially available mold treatments rely on strong chemicals. While effective, they could cause allergic reactions, worsen asthma, and trigger chemical sensitivities. They can also leave toxic residues and fumes behind.

So if you have children or pets, or if anyone at home suffers from allergies or respiratory diseases like asthma, then you should be all the more careful.

One seemingly safe way to eliminate mould is the DIY route. It involves you scrubbing the affected walls with substances like vinegar, bleach, borax, or even baking soda.

This approach isn’t without flaws. Substances like bleach still expose you to harsh fumes — and they don’t necessarily work that well. Depending on which one you go for, they can damage materials or leave the roots of the mold intact.

That’s why the best way to eliminate mould is to rely on trained professionals. Because they use substances and methods not readily available to you, they can remove visible mold growth and address its root cause.

In particular, professionals who use a green technology like ThermaPureHeat are your best bet to eliminate mold in a safe, yet effective way. In addition to killing mold and bacteria, this patented heat treatment shuns dangerous chemicals, ensuring the protection of your family.

One local company using this approach is Magical Restoration. Free of dangerous chemicals, its eco-friendly system combines ThermaPureHeat technology with an advanced Calbrite cleaning solution to destroy odours, dust mites, and some bacterial and viral problems. This improves air quality drastically and protects your family, your home, and the environment.

“This treatment, the products we use, that’s what makes us different from our competition,” says Magical Restoration.

“Best of all, it costs homeowners the same money.”

What’s more, says Magical Restoration, this treatment can penetrate every nook, including the interior of the walls and floors, without causing any negative impacts on your home.

For more information or a free, same-day consultation across Southern Ontario, visit Magical Restoration at

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