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Save Money by Winterizing Your Home

As the warm weather winds down, it’s time to prep your home for the colder months ahead. While your home winterizing to-do list will include several items you can address on your own, call in the experts for those taller orders so your home is safe and cozy come wintertime.

1. Programmable Thermostat

Turning the heat up during the evening leaves you nice and toasty before bed, but having to get up to turn the heat back down in the middle of the night becomes a burden. Contact a heating and cooling professional, such as City Air Conditioning & Heating, to come out and install a programmable thermostat so you can set it for the changes throughout your day.

2. Insulated Windows

If you’ve ever placed your hand against the window pane to determine how chilly it is outside, you know some of that cold air is seeping into your home. Avoid major heat loss and higher power bills by having an expert install insulated windows to keep that chilly air outside where it belongs. The experts at Casa Bella Windows recommend to always have your windows installed by experts to ensure that you get the true value of your insulated windows. A must do on your list when winterizing your home.

3. HVAC Maintenance 

The time to repair your HVAC is long before the first snowfall. A malfunctioning system may result in problems like gas backing up into your home or spaces that don’t seem to heat up as fast as they should. Have an inspector take a look and make any repairs or simple filter changes needed before the cold hits.

4. Airtight Roof

Missing shingles or other sorts of damage may result in leaks and act as open doors for furry creatures seeking refuge during cold spells. Toronto’s Smart Roofing, Inc. explains that snow and ice may further damage existing problems -– fixing them now, as you’re winterizing your home, makes for a happy winter and is a good way to prevent bigger repairs in the future.

5. Protected Plumbing

You know the tricks for protecting pipes during frigid weather (covering outdoor exposed pipes and leaving the water dripping when temperatures plummet) but your home may contain pipes in areas that aren’t so safe to reach, like in crawl spaces. Contact a professional plumber, such as Drainworks in Toronto, to ensure that all of your plumbing is protected to avoid major issues, like a burst pipe and the messy flooding that follows.

Though you probably have several to-do lists that are far more enticing than winterizing your home (holiday shopping, anyone?) ticking items off this particular list will mean you can get to everything else this busy holiday season in comfort and warmth.

Do you have any tips on how you save money over the winter? Share them with us in the comment section below. You can find all the mentioned professionals and more in our eieihome online directory 

By Tarah Damask

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