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How to Save on Your Move with FROGBOX

From hiring a mover or renting a van to buying packing supplies, moving your pad can be an expensive endeavour.  eieihome spoke with FROGBOX, a Canadian company who rents re-usable plastic moving boxes, for their expert tips on saving money with your move. 

Be organized 

The best way to save both time and money, says FROGBOX Durham Franchisee Nigel Foy, is to be organized.  Labeling your belongings with the room location you want them to be placed in not only saves movers from asking where you want each item, and therefore cuts down on your moving costs, but saves you time upon arrival when unloading boxes.

Choose re-usable

FROGBOXes instead of cardboard.  Although purchasing cardboard boxes from a moving outlet store will cost roughly the same as renting FROXBOXes, these plastic storage bins can save movers time and save you money.  “One of the great advantages to our boxes is that they stack very well,” says Foy.  Movers typically charge $100 to $150 an hour depending on how many movers are on board.  “Because our boxes load and unload out of the truck faster, you can save typically an hour or two on a move,” says Foy.  A one-bedroom FROGBOX bundle starts at $99 for 25 boxes and includes delivery and pick-up.  Plus, because FROGBOXes come ready to pack, you don’t have to waste time building the cardboard boxes, taping them up and breaking them down after your move.

Re-purpose packing material 

“You don’t necessarily need to purchase packing materials,” says Foy. Rather than pack towels and blankets in a separate box, Foy recommends using these soft items to protect breakables,” he says.  Reducing breakage is also where FROXBOX has an advantage. While cardboard boxes can get squished when heavier boxes are accidentally placed on top, the plastic FROGBOXes have a durable shell preventing any squishing.

Reduce the contents of your move 

Plan a yard sale before your move and consider posting items you don’t use or want on sites such as Kijiji or eBay or donate items such as clothes, toys or furniture to a thrift shop to avoid having to move these items.

Select the right size moving van 

You may think you’re saving money by asking your friends to help out with your move, but avoiding multiple trips will save time and money on fuel.  Be sure to rent a van that will fit all your goods.  The fewer trips you make, the smaller your carbon footprint – something FROGBOX cares about.

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