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Save Pennies by Going Green

Admit it: going green is something you imagine doing but don’t actually put into practice. If this is because the idea of transforming your home into an eco-friendly abode seems like an expensive, overwhelming endeavor — you’ve bought into a gross misconception.

Having an earth-friendly home doesn’t need to involve purchasing expensive organic groceries or overpriced, all-natural cleaning products. In fact, some of the easiest ways to go green actually save you money in the long run.


There are loads of little energy-sucking culprits upping your electricity bill and making your home a major eco-offender. Here are a few simple changes that together make a huge difference:

  • Use compact fluorescent bulbs or switch to LED lighting.
  • Turn off the lights when you leave a room.
  • Unplug items like computers, TVs and power cords when they’re not in use. Or plug them into power strips that reduce the amount of “phantom” energy appliances use when they’re off.
  • Whenever possible, use small appliances that use less electricity, like microwaves and toaster ovens.
  • Switch out an old refrigerator or furnace for a new energy saving model. It may initially be a big investment, but it’s guaranteed to save you money in the long run.

Heating and Cooling

From closing your windows to turning down the thermostat, there are a ton of ways you can nip your heating and cooling bill in the bud while also being green:

  • Turn down the heat in winter. According to Canadian Living, National Resources Canada states that you can reduce your heating bill by 2 percent for every degree Celsius you lower your thermostat.
  • Skip the Arctic freeze in summer and use fans to cool down instead. This simple switch can reduce your cooling bill by almost 80 percent.
  • Stop heating and cooling the whole world — draft proof your doors and seal your windows in winter.
  • In the same vein, properly insulate your house. Make sure to insulate areas prone to heat loss, like the attic.

Programmable thermostat
Source: Home Depot


Being a water waster is bad habit that’s easy to eliminate. Incorporate these earth-friendly practices in your every day routine:

  • Shorten your shower time. This simple solution will also curb your heating bill.
  • Invest in a low-flow shower head. They’re an inexpensive way to keep the water pressure high and your usage low.
  • Don’t let the water run continuously while you brush your teeth and wash your face.
  • Only use the clothes washer or dish washer if you have enough for a full load.

shower head
Source: Home Depot Canada

Can’t go whole hog? Implement just a few of these eco- conscious tips and you’re guaranteed to see a little more green in your wallet.

By Megan Mostyn-Brown

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