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How to Season Wood for the Winter Season

A wood burning fire is a nice addition to any home, but proper measures must be followed in order to produce usable wood that will fuel a fire. To prevent the smell of smoke from circulating in the house and constantly looking at a dirty fire screen, homeowners should properly season the wood they use. It’s a job that requires both time and planning, but will help your fireplace work efficiently to provide adequate heat to your home. We did some research on the steps you should take to prepare firewood and prevent such mishaps from happening.

Cut the wood to a good length

Each piece of firewood should be cut to roughly the same size. A rule of thumb to follow is to cut wood three inches shorter than the size of the firebox width or length. You will find it is much easier to stack smaller pieces of wood into a fireplace than struggling to fit longer pieces when the fire is going.

Split each piece

Once the wood has been cut to a size you are comfortable with, you must further split each piece, making a collection of smaller pieces before they become fire ready. It’s important to have a good selection of sizes. A range of three to six inches in diameter is sufficient for any wood burning fireplace. Splitting the firewood helps to reduce excess moisture, an essential step in the seasoning process.


Arrange in a single row and exposed to the elements

Piling the wood pieces on top of each other reduces chances of moisture escaping. It is important to lay each piece outside in a single row only a few feet high so moisture can be extracted. The sun allows the moisture to dry up, while the wind blows it away, leaving you with well-seasoned material that’s almost ready for your fireplace.

Let the wood season

It can take up to six months for wood to be properly seasoned, therefore it is important to start this process in the early spring and give it time to prepare. Your wood should be ready for storage by the end of fall, just in time for the winter season.

Consider storing your firewood indoors for more convenience.

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