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Seeing through issues behind your windows

After months of cold weather, your home may have been plagued by drafts and increased heating costs. The culprit? Your windows. While windows may not be at the top of your home reno list, there are plenty of reasons to replace old windows.

We spoke to Brock Doors and Windows, a full-service window and door company in the GTA. They explained how new windows and their technological advancements enhance your home and lower energy costs. Recently, Brock had the opportunity to work with Sheena’s Place, a non-profit organization in Toronto. Staff and volunteers work out of a century home on Spadina Rd. and the windows there were in very poor condition. John Donnelly, operations manager, said “our chief complaint with the old (original) windows was one of heat loss in winter. Now this summer, we’ll enjoy the benefit of the insulating properties of the new windows when it comes to keeping the place cool.”

Here’s a shot of the windows before they were replaced:


When do windows need to be replaced?

Signs that you need to replace old windows can include inconsistent temperature and humidity levels, drafts, water leaking, mould, and higher costs for energy bills. These issues can be hard to recognize because they increase slowly over time. Putting these projects off can not only cause damage to your home, but also to your health. Cracks in the window seal can allow water to seep in and mould to grow undetected. The water damage alone is a significant reason to replace your windows.


What new windows can do for your home:

While the most obvious difference in replacing windows is the visible upgrade to your home, homeowners often recognize how the new windows can make their home feel within days or even hours as the temperature in the home settles. Why you should choose top-of-the-line, custom-sized, made-to-order, vinyl windows becomes very clear in the following months and years.  Brock believes having one consistent comfortable temperature and humidity level throughout your home makes all the difference. You have to be able to be worry-free and comfortable in your own home.

Here’s another before and after shot of the project completed by Brock Doors and Windows:


For more information on energy efficient products, for a free quote, or an e-guide for first-time window buyers, contact Brock Doors and Windows at 1-800-449-3808.

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