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Selecting a Local Roofing Contractor

You may be lucky enough to have a roof that lasts 30 years or more, but you shouldn’t be surprised if your roof unexpectedly starts to leak. When that happens you’re faced with a decision, because once a roofing problem becomes apparent it pretty much always requires prompt attention.

In this article we describe what we do when inspecting the roof on someone’s home, though it can also guide you even if you don’t live here in Vancouver, BC. Should you invite a local roofing contractor over to give you a quote, keep these points in mind and see if he covers the same points as we do when inspecting your roof.

Effective roof inspections require a combination of the right equipment and experience to identify the problem. When we visit your home we do an in-depth inspection of the roofing tiles, skylights, gutters, vent stacks, flashings, siding and windows to pin-point the exact location of your roof leak. This allows us to quickly find the problem and repair it properly and in the most cost efficient manner.

Your Options

Repairs may cost you less, in the long run, than replacing the entire roof, but it may make more sense to spend the money on a new roof now rather than opt for damage control. Here are a few tips for you to consider prior to making that decision.

DIY Roof Inspection

It is important that you avoid causing further damage when doing a roof inspection.
Begin with an outside visual inspection, followed by an inside inspection, in order to get an idea what’s going on with the roof. Be sure to use a stable ladder when climbing onto your roof to look for signs of deterioration. Here are a few things that give it away:

1) We are based in Vancouver, where trees tower over many homes and it rains right through autumn, winter and spring. Because of these conditions, a build-up of leaves and tree droppings that encourage moss and algae growth is common. Once moss or algae take root on your shingles you pretty much have to replace the shingles because scraping it off will only cause more damage.

2) Over time all shingles lose integrity and start to curl or blister from the heat of the sun, and Vancouver does get long, warm, sunny periods in summer. These curled shingles are prone to wind damage and will allow water to travel beneath them, ultimately causing a leak. In fact, it’s a good idea to check your roof after any strong winds to make sure everything is still in place.

3) Don’t forget to look for loose or exposed nails. Heavy winds will loosen nails more and more, eventually allowing so much shingle flex that shingles will tear away. Visual checks after wind storms are therefore very important.

4) Another sign your roof is due for work is shoddy-looking shingles or jagged edges and missing granules. These signs represent a breakdown of the shingle material and integrity.

5) Damaged flashing, rust spots, dark patches or dirty areas and even buckling or sagging in the center of the roof are all signs that your roof needs attention.

Indoor Signs To Look For

The inside inspection will be more difficult, but will better prepare you for talking to a local roof repair contractor. Look for signs of moisture on your ceiling, or obvious sagging between the rafters. The earlier you catch such problems, the less expensive the repairs will be. We suggest you have us perform an in-depth evaluation of your roof after you have done your own inspection.

Pinpointing exactly where a leak originates is nearly impossible for the do-it-yourselfer, so you need someone with the expertise and right equipment to identify the convoluted path water takes from outside to inside. A professional inspection will give you a far more accurate assessment of the damage than you could ever hope to achieve on your own. An experienced roofer can determine if a simple roof repair is enough or whether replacing the roof entirely is your best option.

If you live in the Vancouver area and are interested in our services, mention that you found us online and we will include algae protection or moss protection at no extra charge. We like to include the extra protection because of our infamous wet climate, and we feel it is in everyone’s best interest to protect their homes as best they can. This not only ensures the comfort and safety of your family, it also results in the lowest long-term costs and a higher market value.

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