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Selecting the Perfect Wood Countertops

Changing the countertops in your kitchen to something more durable as well as functional can give the entire space a facelift.  Counters eventually do show signs of wear and tear, especially if they are older or made of materials that have lived past their life span.  There are many different choices available including concrete, granite, marble, laminate, and wood counters for your kitchen.  One of the most appealing, as well as useful counters, made from wood. 


Why Wood?

 Wood counters give the appearance of a comfortable and sometimes rustic feel, depending on what your style is.  Some wood types can be more durable than the natural stone counters.  They also have a variety of stains that can suit darker or lighter colour pallets.   Wood can also be less expensive than marble or other pricey types of counters.  There are different strengths as well as grains that make certain types of wood better than others.  There may be some that work better for countertops but doing a little research can solidify your decision.


Butcher’s Block

 Butcher’s block is one of the most popular types of wood countertops.  These are made specifically for the wear and tear of kitchen work, and many people love the rustic, casual look.  It is also good for those who want to stay on budget and is affordable.  Wood counters such as these do take some upkeep, or they can crack or lose their lustre and fade. Cuts of wood are bound together to create a stable workspace and countertop.  Butcher’s block has a few different grains to pick from such as edge, face, or end grain, depending on the look you want for your space.


Fantastic Choices

 With all the varieties of wood and their different colouring to choose from you can cook up one fabulous kitchen.  Pine counters are very light in colour, but they look fantastic with white cabinets. Cherry wood counters are a favourite because they can quickly match dining furniture.  Many chairs and table, also made of cherry wood, are of a cohesive and upscale appearance. Oak is another favourite type, and it comes in both dark and light variations to match almost any kitchen colour scheme. Walnut has a vibrant colour and also goes with almost any colour cabinets and kitchen, especially those that are coloured and not wood.


Durability is King

 Don’t let colour be the deciding factor for your wood counters.  Durability and functionality should be a consideration, especially in a high traffic area such as the kitchen.  Choosing counters that will stand the test of time such as Butcher’s block are important to your family and household.  Choosing a good, wooden counter can also increase the value of your house, in case you ever wanted to consider selling. The strength of the wood is necessary and choosing which one suits your needs can help you make the right decision.  Updated wooden countertops are a benefit to any home, and with the right colour combination of kitchen and cabinets, you will create a usable and memorable space.

Bio: Sarah is the author of The DIY Hammer, where you can find more information on materials, methods, and fun facts about home improvement and DIY solutions.

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