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Selling your home this spring? How to the wow potential buyers

When you see a beautiful home showcased on a television show or in a perfect model suite, it’s impossible not to fantasize living there! How can you not picture yourself whipping up meals in a gorgeous gourmet kitchen, washing up in a spa-like bathroom or sleeping in a romantic bedroom, complete with a huge pillowy looking bed? I know I can’t!

Now some of that magic certainly comes from the layout and the home itself but the way that those spaces are staged invite you to dream about what your life would be like in that fabulous space.

For people considering selling their home this spring, capturing that same magic is actually easier than you think but there are some important things to keep in mind. Especially when it comes to condos, many units are similar in size and layout so it is essential to style your suite to stand out amongst the bunch – this may be the difference between making a quick sale and having it sit on the market.

One of the best things about owning a home is the ability to make it uniquely your own. Decorating with personal touches like family photographs, memorabilia and pieces that reflect who you are – even if some of your stuff is a little kitschy that’s the fun of having your own space.

However, while it really is the personal touches that make a house into a home, when showcasing your home to potential buyers, try and recreate those fabulous show suites by following these simple steps:


Help others envision their lives in your space by replacing personal photos and items with more generic photos and artwork. Removing your personal items will prevent potential buyers from feeling like they are voyeurs eavesdropping on someone else’s life.

 Clear clutter:

As beautiful as you think your souvenir collection is, it tells your story and turns off buyers. Putting away your knick knacks will also help your space feel tidier and more spacious but leave one or two larger items per surface to create visual interest without overwhelming your small space.

 Punch of colour:

Colour is a great way to make a room pop. Adding one or two complimentary or contrasting colours helps make a room interesting. Think bright colored throw pillows, fresh-cut flowers or a fabulous area rug.

 Scale down:

If possible, replace large or oversized furniture with smaller pieces to make the space feel larger. Low backed furniture is a great trick to making the room seem more spacious.

 Light it up:

Set the mood with lighting that draws the eye to the areas you want people to notice – think a great piece of art or design feature. If you are showing your space during the day, natural light helps the space to feel large and inviting. If you are showing in the evening, moodier lighting and candles will invite people to envision entertaining in the space.


Light, fresh scents of citrus or vanilla help create a new and clean feeling environment. But don’t go overboard with scent or potential buyers will think you’re covering something up. If you have pets or are a smoker, pay close attention to odors, you will likely have to look into dry-cleaning and shampooing carpets, drapes, sofas etc.

Many of these strategies are very cost-conscious but the most economical and impactful of all is cleanliness! Make sure your place is sparkling and pay extra attention to the kitchen and bathrooms – no one wants to see your dishes from last night or products scattered all over the bathroom.

The goal with staging is creating an environment that allows potential buyers to envision their lives in the space.  So remember, keep it clean and minimal but don’t forget to pay special attention to the little touches – after all, people never forget the way a place makes them feel.

Need a little help getting your home ready to sell? Take a look at eieihome’s directory of home stagers.

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