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Don’t sell your home until you get rid of mould in your attic

Eew! Does your attic look like this? It’s quite possible and you may not even know unless you’re trying to sell your home and fail the home inspection as a result. Just because you can’t see mould growing in your home doesn’t mean it isn’t there. Don’t be shocked if it happens to you! Instead, get it cleaned out by an expert!

Can’t get top dollar for your home? Mould may be the culprit

Preparing your home for sale is a daunting task. While painting and prettying up your home may be top of mind, doing a pre-list home inspection can reveal other problems that can prevent your home from getting top dollar. We spoke with Tony Muscat, owner of Inch by Inch Healthy Homes, a certified home inspector, about a hidden culprit in the attic that he says is affecting many homes in the GTA: attic mould.
attic mould2

Homeowners can live in the home for many years without knowing there is mould. The attic is the hat of the home, says Muscat, but air must flow through the attic. If the attic has mould growing in it, those mould spores will travel through the home into the bedrooms and living spaces of the home and can cause a number of health problems. “Some people will even get sick and they don’t know why and it’s because they have mould in the attic,” says Muscat.

Would you want to inherit these problems when you purchased your dream home? Didn’t think so. Instead, get the unsightly mould growing in your attic blown out by an expert for your health and the sake of others.

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Inch by Inch has seen many homes fail their pre-sale inspections due to attic mould, often without the homeowners being aware of the problem. Attic mould can result from two major factors:

Improper bathroom exhaust

If the washroom vent is going into the attic, rather than outside the home, this can cause a buildup of mould to occur. The vent may be vented through the roof, but isn’t properly sealed. “There’s residual hot humid air from the shower escaping into the attic,” says Muscat, a common cause of mould.

This video shows the effects of improper bathroom exhaust:

Over-insulated attics

Too much insulation can block the vents in the attic and prevent air from being able to escape the home. This is commonly found when homeowners blow insulation into the attic in an effort to warm up their home and save energy during the winter months, but who don’t take care to protect the vents.

Here are some of the reasons why your home should be routinely checked for mould:

  • Mould can compromise air quality;
  • Discolouration found on floor or attic joists could be caused by mould;
  • If you’re getting sick very often and there’s no explanation.


The best part of a mould inspection and remediation? You won’t have to move out of your home. That’s because the work area is isolated from the rest of your home and the experts can move from room to room so you’re not displaced and forced to find alternative living arrangements.

What are you waiting for? Whether you’re planning to sell your home, or just want to ensure the overall health of your home, contact the experts at Inch by Inch Healthy Homes.

Inch by Inch works with Absolute Mold Removal, a GTA mould removal company, to remove the mould they find in attics and treat the affected area. Contact them for a free attic inspection at 905-301-1383.

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