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Selling your home? Don’t forget to keep this one thing spotless!

Sometimes it takes no more than a single element to detract from the beauty of your home. This is especially true when you put your home up for sale.

When house hunters are out attending showing after showing or open house after open house, all of the homes they see can blend together. Unfortunately, this means that seemingly insignificant negative details can be the thing that takes you home off their shortlist, and that includes the state of your car!

Most realtors will tell you to remove all vehicles from the driveway during showings or open houses, but sometimes this simply isn’t possible. So, it’s essential to ensure that your vehicle is as spotless as your home.

Whether selling your home or not, a car parked in the driveway automatically becomes part of the curb appeal. While giving it a full wash, wax and detailing every day isn’t realistic for most people, there are ways that you can give it a showroom shine at a moment’s notice.

Your Last-Minute Car Cleaning Toolkit connected with Armor All® to get the quick and dirty details on how to get your car sparkling clean at a moment’s notice.

We all know how effective and convenient household cleaning wipes can be. But did you know that they can be just as efficient at keeping your car clean and glossy? Armor All makes an extensive line of wipes that are perfect for everything from last minute touchups to a complete, waterless car wash.

Keep a few packs of their Wash Wipes and Wax Wipes, Rim Cleaning Wipes, interior cleaning wipes and Glass Cleaning Wipes packs on-hand to whip your vehicle into shape for those annoying exciting last minute showing calls from your realtor.

These wipes are extra-large, premoistened and durable enough to take on everything from bird waste on the hood of your compact car all the way up to a yogurt splatter on the inside window of the family mini van (come on, we can’t be the only ones dealing with this).

Here’s a clever hack for keeping your garage smelling fresh

Is your car being kept in the garage rather than on the driveway during home showings? If so, place a car freshener, such as Armor All’s Essential Blends oil-infused air fresheners in the car and roll the windows down a smidge.  Not only will your car smell heavenly, but the open windows will allow the air freshener to add a light fragrance to the garage.

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