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Selling your home? These strategies could lead to a faster sale

The home you live in today is likely a home you’ll sell in the future. Maybe that’s because it’s a two storey home and you’d prefer a single-level property when you’re older. Perhaps you know you’ll just be in the area for a relatively short time while your spouse completes a contract role. There are several things you can do now to improve the chances of selling your home quicker.

Selling your home? Keep it in good condition

This tip may seem like a no brainer, but when there are relatively minor repairs to be done, some homeowners just decide they’ll take care of them later. Often, that’s because the sale of a home feels like it’s still far in the future, giving the perception there’s plenty of time to get the residence in tip-top shape.

However, you’ll likely find it’s much easier to go with a proactive approach to maintaining your home throughout the year. As issues become apparent, get in touch with contractors and repair persons to make appointments for getting things fixed.

By taking care of things immediately rather than waiting, you’ll be less likely to be hit with unexpected expenses or unsightly problems near the time you intend to sell the house. Consider all maintenance work as a smart investment that supports your future plans.

A handyman or general contractor can help you get those small repairs organized before you sell.

A handyman or general contractor can help you get those small repairs organized before you sell.

Install energy efficient heaters and air conditioners

New tenants will probably bring their own appliances to the house, meaning your decision to equip the home with a energy-efficient washer and dryer is probably meaningless to potential tenants unless you work out a deal to let them keep some of the appliances you bought. However, the heater and air conditioner will likely stay with the house when you move out.

With that in mind, think about installing energy-efficient models. You can enjoy them immediately, and future occupants will appreciate your forethought.

There are a wide variety of models with the ENERGY STAR label. That labeling indicates a product has been independently certified and verified as being able to function well while saving energy.

When a prospective buyer comes to your home, he or she might ask how much you normally spend per month to heat and cool your home. Energy-efficient appliances increase the likelihood you’ll have an appealing answer to offer.

Stay on top of pest control

Pests such as termites can cause extensive damage to your home before you even realize it. Others, like scorpions, might be dangerous to current or future occupants because some are venomous.

That’s why it’s so important to schedule regular pest inspections performed by certified technicians. Those experts can spot problems before they become severe, and take prompt action to minimize damage.

Otherwise, you might discover your home is so badly affected by a pest infestation that you have to delay selling the property. In the worst-case scenario, the pests might have wreaked so much havoc on the home without your knowledge that it’s no longer feasible to sell it.

By thinking ahead and trying these tips, you can anticipate a fast home sale. As a result, it’s possible to breathe easier and get excited about what the future holds.

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