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Signs It’s Time to Replace your Windows

Windows play a very important roll in our homes. They keep out the cold or the excessive heat and keep the internal temperatures to our preferred desire. But there comes a time when windows begin to lose their dependability and they need to be replaced. Here are the 5 signs it’s time to replace the windows in your home.

Energy Bill

If you find an increase in your energy bill, this could be a sure sign that your windows aren’t doing their job. Before you furiously call your utilities provider, consider testing your windows to be sure they haven’t gone past their prime. A simple test is to take a candle up to the window frame and if the flame starts to flutter, you can be sure that the air from your home is seeping out of your home and letting unwanted temperatures in.

Smooth Operation

There’s nothing better than brand new windows that open and close smoothly and effortlessly, but as time passes, that effortless feeling goes away and opening and closing your windows can be a stubborn task. If you notice this is happening with your windows, you should consider looking into buying new ones. Wood windows in particular are known to cause this problem quicker than others, so think wisely before you make your purchase.


Window condensation occurs when indoor air cools against a cold windowpane and loses its ability to hold moisture. That access water will build up and mold will begin to form. Not only do you want to avoid a build up of mold, but your windows should not be excessively “sweating”. If you notice this is happening with your windows on a constant basis or that there is condensation between the two panes of glass in your window, this means the seals have failed and you should look into replacing the windows all together.


Are you thinking of putting your house on the market? If so, this is a great opportunity to increase property value and brand new windows are just the ticket. The new owners can rely on the new addition and the beauty they add to the exterior of the home. When replacing your windows, consider looking into energy efficient products – this is another way the value of your home will increase.

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