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Sizzling Summer Giveaway of the Day: Master Chef Wood Grill Scraper from Canadian Tire

It’s day 1 of’s Sizzling Summer event, and today we’re giving away a pair of Master Chef Wood Grill Scrapers from Canadian Tire. Keep one for yourself and give another as a gift or take one up to the cottage.

These wood grill scrapers are made of solid hardwood, which gradually wears down to the exact shape of your grill grates. This means a custom fit and exceptional cleaning ability. Master Chef grill scrapers are a safe all-natural alternative to those old wire scrapers, which, if you hadn’t heard have actually turned out to be deadly. If this is news to you, you can read more about the dangers of wire scrapers and other BBQ bad guys here.

Our Review of the Master Chef Wood Grill Scraper

The good people at Canadian Tire were kind enough to let put one of their hardwood grill scrapers to the test … and you’d better believe it has been thoroughly tested. Countless dinner grilling sessions and even some Canada Day party cleanup really put our Master Chef grill scraper through its paces.

When you first begin using the scraper it will require a bit more elbow grease to get a good clean. However, true to its claims, the performance of the wood scraper genuinely does improve after each use. This is definitely due to the way the edge has been conforming to the shape of the grill grates.

One unexpected side benefit of using this wood scraper is that it actually makes an excellent conversation piece. If you have guests who like to hang around while you grill, this scraper is likely to draw some attention. So, if you have a hard-to-shop for friend or family member on your birthday or holiday gift-giving list, you might want to grade a few of these. You could even personalize them with a wood burning kit and some crafting knowhow.


You have till 12 Noon est to get your entry in for the Master Chef Wood Grill Scraper from Canadian Tire. The good news is, once you enter, you’re automatically eligible to win each of the prizes in our draw, including the grand prize fire table! Good luck to everyone and happy grilling!

*Note: use the above link to enter, not the banner, as it is not clickable.

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