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An Intro to Smart Home Wiring

The term “Smart Home” is a commonly used term these days, but the truth is that many people still aren’t quite sure what it means. A  Smart Home is generally considered one which has some or all of its utilities, appliances, security and entertainment technology ( TV, computer, audio/video) synced together and under the control of a remote device such as a smart phone, tablet or computer application.

Smart Homes are growing in popularity because the ability to remotely control all of the components of your home is not only incredibly convenient, but also cost and energy efficient.

Are you curious yet? My guess is that you are and that is exactly why sat down with Hannah Taylor of the GTA’s Hotwire Electric, to learn more about what Smart Homes are all about.

Most are reconstruction:  “Due to the number of systems and the complexity of the wiring involved, almost all Smart Home projects we see are reconstruction.” Taylor says.  Your home’s wiring must be configured to match the specific Smart Home system that you’ve purchased, a complicated process that is best suited to pre or reconstruction homes.

They are the ultimate in convenience:  “ Imagine you just left for a flight but forget to turn off the AC or  lock a door, those issues are not concerns in Smart Homes”, Taylor explains.  Smart Homes have the potential to eliminate all sorts of annoyances in your daily life.

Their cost varies widely:  “The minimum cost for Smart Home wiring is about $10,000, but depending on how complex you are willing to get, you could easily spend 10-20x that amount.” Taylor explains. When it comes to Smart Homes the sky is the limit, but you should choose your components wisely and be wary about going over the top as you may not always get a return on your investment.

You need an honest specialist: “It is very important that you select a residential electrician for Smart Home wiring,” Taylor explains. “You want someone who is specialized in custom homes and can act as a one-stop shop for the project. The complex nature of Smart Home wiring does not lend itself to having multiple trades working independently of each other”.

Are you ready to build a Smart Home? Choose the professionals with over 10 years of GTA experience, who can show you the systems that are best for your home’s needs. Contact Hotwire Electric here on to learn more, today.


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