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Smart Kitchen Tech for your Automated Kitchen

Planning a smart upgrade to your kitchen? By now most of us are aware of those smart refrigerators with the built-in touch screens and connectivity that tells you to buy more milk. However, these devices are really just the tip of the iceberg.

Here is a look at some of the other smart kitchen devices available to help you automate the busiest room in your home.


Hestan Smart induction Cooktop


This app-controlled, built-in induction cooktop provides precise cooking capabilities, with a reduced need to stand over the stove. Burners can be set to exact temperatures, while the combination of smart stove and Bluetooth pans (believe it or not) work together to regulate food temperatures and prevent burning.



iFavine Smart Decanter


For those who simply can’t stand waiting hours for their wine to breathe, there’s now an app and a smart decanter for that. The iSommelier Pro by iFavine is a highly efficient smart wine decanter that infuses the wine with concentrated, purified oxygen. This reduces traditional decanting times from hours to minutes, while the associated app allows complete operating control over the iSommelier device.


Smart Dishwashers


No, sadly, these dishwashers do not load or unload themselves themselves. However, they do offers loads of new functionality that addresses many of the pain points people generally have with traditional dishwashers. For example, some models come equipped with bottle jets for more efficient washing of baby bottles and water bottles, while others feature highly efficient filters that remove food particles and send them to a connected organic matter receptacle. All the while, smart connectivity integrates the appliance into your smart home, allowing you to operate and monitor the dishwasher from your smartphone.


Trash Can Scanner

Source: GeniCan

Scan. Toss. Shop. Keeping your kitchen stocked has never been easier than this.

Trash scanners, like the GeniCan pictured above are making it even easier for people to keep pantries and refrigerators stocked. This small device attached to a trash or recycling can and allows you to scan an items barcode before you throw out the empty container. For items without barcodes, like banana peels, etc., simply hold the item in front of the scanner and say its name. Then, the items compile in a list on your smart phone.


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