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Solutions to your 4 most aggravating bathroom storage problems

When it comes to maintaining a tidy, well-organized home, the key to minimizing clutter without maximizing your clean up time is to use the right storage pieces. This is especially true in the bathroom, which can go from a chic retreat to scattered scandal in the span of a morning.

If everything in your bathroom has a clear and accessible place to go, it’s much easier to keep things tucked away and off the counters. Here are four sensible and stylish storage solutions to some of the most common bathroom organization issues.

Problem: Cluttered Bathroom Counters

Solution: Add a Recessed Medicine Cabinet

Before you even have the time to enjoy your first cup of coffee, looking for bobby pins, untangling cords and searching for grooming products can cause a lot of frustration.

To bring organized storage to your bathroom, a quick solution is to swap your current bathroom mirror with a recessed medicine cabinet, like the Verdera medicine cabinet from Kohler. The adjustable shelves can accommodate a range of bottle heights so your cleansers and lotions have a permanent home, and mirrored interiors with a magnifying feature mean you can touch up with the door opened or closed.

bathroom storage

Verdera medicine cabinet

Problem: Tiny Shower Caddy

Solution: Add a Shower Locker

If your current shower caddy is overflowing with shampoo, razors and shower poofs, consider adding an adaptable shelving unit like Kohler’s Choreograph Shower Locker storage. Designed specifically for shower environments, these shelves can be placed anywhere in the shower, giving you the freedom to set up your shower storage any way you see fit. You can also mount it outside the shower for additional storage.

bathroom storage

Choreograph Shower Locker storage  

Problem: Disorganized Vanity Drawers

Solution: Configurable Storage Drawers

 Breaking larger spaces into smaller spaces with designated purposes is a simple but smart organizational principle. You can store beauty products by type, and design areas just for your makeup brushes, lipsticks, and face towels.

The Tailored Vanity collection from Kohler, invites you to personalize your vanity inside and out. With a variety of drawer and shelf configurations, tray sizes and outlet options, you can organize your vanity with a place for everything.

 bathroom storage  bathroom storage

R: Poplin 36″ bathroom vanity, Ceramic/Impressions vanity top, Memoirs lavatory faucet

L: Drawer divider package for KOHLER Tailored vanities

Problem: Out of Control Hair Product Clutter

Solution: Add a Hair Appliance Tray and Built-In Outlets

By the time your hot tools have cooled down so you can put them away, it’s nearly time to take them back out again. By installing a rollout appliance tray in your vanity with metal cups, you can safely store them after you get ready in the morning.  What’s even more life-changing is when you combine appliance trays with electrical outlets that can be added or built-in to the vanity itself, and you can plug your flat or curling iron in, roll out the tray, and let it heat up without taking up coveted counter space.

bathroom storage

Tailored Vanity Collection: Rollout Appliance Storage

Your bathroom doesn’t have to be a disaster area. When you incorporate clever bathroom storage solutions, putting things in their place becomes second nature. That means no countertop clutter to worry about, and more time that you can spend treating yourself to a leisurely soak or luxurious shower. That’s what your bathroom is really for, anyway.

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