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Splurges for Your Kitchen Reno

An essential part of planning your kitchen renovation budget is making room for splurges. Since your kitchen renovation is one of the most important projects you’ll take on at home, it’s important to make some allowances for style and function. Afterall, you don’t want to experience buyer’s remorse and end up having to do it all over again. Sometimes it costs you more to go for a cheaper option that you don’t really like, if the choice turns out to be something you just can’t live with.

Here are some of the places where you might want to consider spending a bit more.


Your countertops are often the big show when it comes to giving your kitchen a brand-new look. They’re sprawling, often sparkling, and tend to offer the most visual interest. Pair that with the fact that they are the hardest working part of your kitchen. Not only are they charged with the job of looking great, but they’re also integral to food prep, act as a serving station, sometimes a desk, and might also (inadvertently) end up as storage space for household bits and bobs.

While cheaper countertop options might seem like an acceptable choice at the time of choosing, be aware that durability and appearance, along heat and stain resistance should also be considered when making your choice.

Countertop Costing

The cost of installing new countertops can vary based on the material you choose, installation, and where you live. Here is an example of how much different counter tops can cost in Canada, with installation included:

Material Average Cost Estimate
Granite $100/Square Foot
Quartz $100/Square Foot
Laminate $21 – $40/Square Foot

Source: Counter Culture


Kitchen Cabinetry

In most kitchen renovations, the cabinets are the biggest expense. In fact, they can end up claiming up to 40% of your reno budget. Like the countertops, your kitchen’s cabinets greatly impact the overall look of your kitchen renovation.

Beyond looks, the strength and dependability of your cabinets is of the utmost importance. Think about all that you store in those wall-mounted boxes? Can you really afford to cheap out on something that might not withstand the tests of time, not to mention the weight of all your stuff?

Cabinet Costing

Kitchen cabinets have a very wide costing span. The differences in price depend upon materials, design, finish, quality of construction, and installation, among other things. Here is an average cost estimate for the different types of cabinets on the market in Canada.

Type Average Cost Estimate
Basic Stock $59/Linear Foot
Off-The-Shelf $125-$360/Linear Foot
Semi-Custom $200-$450/Linear Foot
Custom $500-$1,200/Linear Foot

Source: Money Sense



While your kitchen appliances aren’t likely to last as long as your countertops of cabinets, it’s still a good idea to consider your needs carefully prior to selecting your new refrigerator, range, or dishwasher. Many homeowners have found themselves regretting their choice to go with a lower cost appliance that ended up not meeting their performance or capacity requirements.

If you entertain a lot or tend to host your family’s holiday meals, then it’s probably worth spending the extra money on that double oven. If you’ve got a home full of milk-chugging teens, then opting for the larger capacity refrigerator with the beverage compartment will most likely pay for itself within the first month.

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Photo by Aaron Huber on Unsplash

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